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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1.  The word "longevity" is sometimes used as a synonym for "life expectancy" in demography or to connote "long life", especially when it concerns someone or something lasting longer than expected.
  2. 2. Rank Country Life expectancy at birth (years) Overall 1 Japon 82.6 2 Hong Kong 82.2 3 Iceland 81.8 4 Switzerland 81.7 5 Australia 81.2And Costa Rica is located at position 30 of this ranking with a life expectancy of 78.8
  3. 3.  Be friendly. Positive and cordial relations with family and friends less chance of depression. Think optimistically. Occupy the mind in creative activities and exercises of intelligence is an escape from stress. Eating fruits. Exercise. Regular exercise and weight control vascular risk avoiders.
  4. 4.  Socio-cultural level (quality and lifestyle) Food Health care.
  5. 5. Advantages Disadvantages Life Experience  Diseases If you have family care,  Little attention in the receive love, respect, family understanding and support.  Abandonment