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International Business for Freshers


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International Business is an attractive career option. Working in International Market needs Smartness, English Speaking, Good Product knowledge and flair for cultural exchange. Export Import, International Trade, International Business is interesting. It is rewarding business. Their are lot of Export Incentives. Procedure for export, Custom procedure are to be carefully followed. How to export is easy to learn. Success in International Business require time. It is better you work under guidance of Export Consultant, Export Advisor or Senior Export Manager, International Business Development manager. You can star as Export Executive or Executive International Sales & Marketing. But, you need to work hard to find Importer in Africa, Importers in USA, Overseas Distributor.

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International Business for Freshers

  1. 1. International Business for Freshers From Industry point of view. Vivaan Consultancy Services Ahmedabad, India - 380008
  2. 2. What is International Business? • IB comprises all commercial transactions that take place between two or more countries & nations beyond their political boundaries. • IB process though which Countries Sell the Goods & services which are Surplus To full fill their deficiency and sometime buy the luxury.
  3. 3. Effect of International Trade • Development in Dubai & Singapore. • Reduce the seasonal Effect on sale. • Communist countries opening to World. • Excess dependency on Western market.
  4. 4. Options & Avenues. 1.Business Development 2.International Marketing 3.Exports / Imports Department 4.International Banking & Finance. 5.International Law & Legal Consultancy. 6.Logistic & Material Management. 7.Travel, Tourism, Event-management. 8.Human Resource Management. 9.Consultancy firm.
  5. 5. What Industry would expect from you? • Using your what you learn in MBA . • Understand the Market / Region. • Bring in an Professional Culture in Org. • Offer a smarter Solution & Faster result.
  6. 6. Core Competencies to succeed in IB : 1.Communication & Language 2.Manners & Etiquette 3.Cultural Sensitivity 4.Patience & Flexibility . 5.History, Geography, Civic
  7. 7. Communication & Language • 90% Verbal communication is Verbal. • Understand the Accent and Synonyms. • Knowledge of Foreign language. • Speak & Listen from your Heart.
  8. 8. Manners & Etiquette • Table manners. • Dressing & Body Language • Waiting for Some one.. in Q or Speaking. • Greeting, Addressing, Attitude
  9. 9. Cultural Sensitivity • This is THE most important but Missed out element that has caused Disaster. • Understand the Value & Belief system • Customization & Nationalization. • Understand the Sentiments.
  10. 10. Knowing History Geography Civic • History will help you to Impress. • Geography will bring in Business... • Civic will develop Togetherness..
  11. 11. Patience & Flexibility • People need have trust on you & your Org. • Different Time Zone, can take more time. • Government & Banking regulation. • Food, Water and Weather Condition.
  12. 12. Wish you all the best & God bless you