neurosurgery neurology brain stroke vp shunt spine anatomy csf etv nph hydrocephalus brain tumour brainstem physiology autoregulation cerebral blood flow barrier blood brain barrier update mutation classification who venous drainage shunt embolization vein of galen vein of galen malformation lumbar spine thoracic third ventricle surface anatomy slit ventricle ischemia posterior circulation csf disorder normal pressure hydrocephalus intervertebral disc disc anatomy iv disc evd spine embryology brain embryology cns embryology ligaments craniovertebral junction cv junction csf dynamics intracranial pressure icp cervical fracture dens axis fracture c2 fracture genetics markers one and half syndrome pons midbrain brachial plexus injury injury brachial plexus blood supply of brain ct head traumatic brain injury head injury dsa sah aneurysm ventricle
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