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JJ abrams


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JJ abrams

  1. 1. JJ Abrams Sam Millar Period 7
  2. 2. JJ Abrams Youth• Born on June 27,1966 in New York City, NY. (Los Angeles the city He was raised in. )• He then moved to Los Angeles, and was raised in Southern California.• His father Gerald W. Abrams was a TV Producer, and his mother "Los Angeles Electrician | High Volt Electric | Los Angeles Electrician | Electrical Contractor in Los Angeles." Los Carol Abrams was a Angeles Electrician Executive Producer.
  3. 3. JJ Abrams Apprentice• JJ Abrams wrote music (Michael Bay and JJ Abrams) for the film ‘’Night Beast’’ at the age of 16.• When he was a senior in college he made the film ‘’Taking Care of Business.’’• In 1998 he teamed up with Michael Bay and IMDb. Web. 25 May 2012. < made Armageddon. rm809480704/nm0000881>.
  4. 4. JJ Abrams Awards • ASCAP Film & TV Music Award(Lost:2005) • Emmy Award:Best Director(Lost:2005) • SFX AWAPD: Best Director(Star Trek:2010) • SFX AWAPD: Nominated Best Director(Super 8:2012)
  5. 5. JJ Abrams Techniques• Movies are Action Packed.• Intense beginning to get crowd into movie.• Uses music by Michael Giachinno.• He usually shows a party in the beginning of each movie. "J.J. Abrams."• Lens flair in some shots. IMDb. Web. 25 May 2012. <http:// name/nm0009190/ >.
  6. 6. JJ Abrams Films
  7. 7. JJ Abrams Quotes• ‘’I couldn’t believe it, I started on a Monday and turned in the outline on a Friday. On Saturday they called and said ok were making it!’’-JJ Abrams• ‘’Watch the behavior of the actors.’’- JJ Abrams• ‘’I feel like in telling stories, there "" Web. 25 May 2012. < are things the audience thinks are lost-in-redwoods-jj-abrams-and-an-original-idea/>. important, and the things the things that are actually important. ‘’ -JJ Abrams
  8. 8. JJ Abrams Influenced• JJ Abrams was influenced by many movies, manly movies that are action packed and intense.• Examples: Jaws, Close Encounters, Slumber " - Celebrity Gossip Lifestyle Magazine." Party Massacre and - Celebrity Gossip Lifestyle Magazine. Web. 25 May E.T. 2012. <>.
  9. 9. Citations• "J.J. Abrams." IMDb. Web. 25 May 2012. < nm0009190/>.• "J. J. Abrams." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 16 May 2012. Web. 25 May 2012. < J._J._Abrams>.• " - Celebrity Gossip Lifestyle Magazine." - Celebrity Gossip Lifestyle Magazine. Web. 25 May 2012. <http://>.