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Storyboard final


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Storyboard for my A2 music vid

Published in: Education
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Storyboard final

  1. 1. Storyboard. These are pictures of both my finished final storyboards that I’ve created for my A2 music video. I’ve made two because there were some particular scenes that weren’t added to the first one and some scenes where I’ve described in a little more detail. So I’ve made two to sort of support each other and to make it quite clear what I hope to portray within my music video.
  2. 2. These are the first two scenes from both storyboards that I’ve decided to start the music video off. At the very beginning it starts off with a slow fade in to me walking to Olivia while dragging a wooden chair that I intend to use and sit on when I get to her. The first scene is taken from my back and is tracking me throughout the walk to Olivia. Then the next scene is a long, panning shot of me still walking to her. After I reach her I sit down on the chair, looking at her with a quite serious, emotional look on my face. After this there’s then another fade in to the beginning of the song, this is where the song starts and I start singing. While I’m singing the camera is taking a close, mid shot of me, centrally framing me throughout it all. Following that scene would be this one above where the camera starts arcing around both Olivia and I while I’m still singing. The arch is quite slow up to a point where when it reaches my back it stop giving Olivia time to leave her chair that she’s been sitting on right from the beginning. Once she’s gone the camera arcing continues and stops at a side view of me. The reason why I wanted the camera to stop at my back is so that when I edit
  3. 3. out the time taken for Olivia to leave her seat it would turn out to be a clear arc around both of us, creating that illusion of her disappearing. The next scene after this is basically of both Olivia and I walking down the pavement together, the camera is tracking us as we move down. Olivia then pushes me with force and as a result I’m sent flying, even while this is happening the camera will still track me, leaving Olivia out of that scene. When I come to a halt and I turn around the camera pans along with me and there no sign of Olivia. Its then after this scene that I am then seen through an over-the-shoulder shot through Olivia. The camera then zooms in on me (once again giving her time to leave the scene) then pans while I get up to move her Olivia’s seat – at this point in time she’s gone. While the entire scene of me sitting and singing while facing Olivia until I get up and through the chair that she’s disappeared from will be playing, there would also be various scenes of our memories playing in the background with quite a low opacity to
  4. 4. clearly see both of them playing together. These two drawings are one of the many memory scene being played, the one in the first box is of both Olivia and I walking together in the rain. The next one is when both of us are sitting on a bench just staring at each other. This next memory scene is of Olivia dragging me through an aisle in Tesco while I’m carrying the carrier bag. This scene would be done with a track This contains both of us sitting down on a sofa and watching a movie together. The camera will take this scene with either a mid-shot or a long shot depending on which looks better.
  5. 5. Within the first box is me trying to teach Olivia how to skate with a cruiser board while the other is of me entering a class and then waving at her when she turns around. This scene would start off as a possible over-the-shoulder shot and then track my movements when I enter the class. Olivia then turns around, sees me then waves back at me – this could be taken as its own separate scene with her being centrally framed with a mid-shot. This scene is of Olivia flicking through the various pictures we took together on her phone through the use of an extreme close-up.
  6. 6. After all these flashbacks as to the wonderful memories I’ve had with Olivia are done I will then edit it in such a way that once they’ve all been played I will fade it out then bring it back to what is happening right now (which was the scene in which I threw the wooden chair out of anger. In this next scene I stand up singing – at this point the camera pans slowly at my side revealing that Olivia has disappeared from her seat and reappeared to mine. Directly after the above scene I start walking towards the camera to cut to the next scene which is of me walking to the steps only for me to be confronted by Olivia loo king down on me with a disappointed expression on her face and with her hands crossed. She will then walk away from the area vanishing from sight – (I plan to do this by staying perfectly still throughout the entire thing, so when I edit it I’ll overlap certain layers, and because I’m still it would make overlapping layers much easier to create that vanishing effect)