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Risk assessment Youth & Whisky


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Risk assessment Youth & Whisky

  1. 1. What hazards have been identified? What are the potential injuries or damage? What measures have been taken to prevent injury or damage? Number of people at risk Severity (1, 2 or 3) Smoking Burning self on cigarette (1) Drinking cold Tea Could make Dan ill (2) Cold weather/rain Tripping over wires Dan being hit by a car Could make us all ill (1) It could cause injury to anyone who is involved (2) It could cause serious injury to him (3) Use a person that already smokes so they know what they are doing Don’t force him to drink it Wrap up in plenty of layers and take layers off when filming but put them back on straight after Watch your step and keep an eye on where you’re placing feet and check where the wires are before walking somewhere Look both ways and make sure there are no vehicles travelling What additional measures or actions are required? Who is responsible for action? R A G 1 Dan (main character) G 1 Dan (main character) A 5 Everyone is responsible for their own safety regarding the weather G 5 Everyone as it is their responsibility to remember to look for the wires A I am responsible for Dan (main character) as I have asked him to walk across the road R 2