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Question six arren

  1. 1. Question SixWhat have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing thisproduct?Throughout creating our film opening and researching, preparing film production we haveused several types of technologies which includes software and equipment.Doing our planning and research for our film, we mainly used familiar Romantic comediesfilms to gather ideas to construct our final product.We used some research on Google to find out what the top selling romantic comedies wereand why, also to find the best film distributor to distribute our film.We used YouTube to find film trailers, other AS Media Film Openings and any other scenesor clips to help with research towards our film opening this was really useful as we was ableto evaluate past students work from up and down the country and analyse them this helpedus to become more aware of the difficulties we may come across when filming and thisallowed us to plan ahead in order for these to hopefully not happen to us.
  2. 2. We have used Blogger throughout this whole process. Blogger has helped us blog all ourmajor transitions in filming, focusing on our editing updates, all details about our filmincluding cast, characters and our group and their jobs. We have placed ideas interviewswith our target audience and many more things onto blogger. It has been the perfect place tokeep up to date with our day work and something we can look back on and reflect.We have also used prezi as a piece of useful software it has enabled us to upload importantinformation into our blogger in a neatly well-presented way. This has been really useful whenresearching our conventions of our genre and for many other things.
  3. 3. All our computer software for editing and creating our film was done using Sony Vegas,Photoshop, Windows Media and Movie Maker.These were all easy to get the hang of when we were taught the different functions. Our filmproduction as good as it could be with its media features.We did face some problems with the software we used, the amount of time it took to renderthe our film opening, the software could be temperamental when trying to bring up the filmopening it kept popping up with a message saying it couldnt find the chosen file, this causedquite a few complications for the project and there were days when we had to concentrateon other things instead of editing.
  4. 4. Photoshop was really useful as we could use the layers within it to create a full picture.We individually saved these layers so when we uploaded them onto moviemaker it would beeasier to animate our production logo. Once we had saved all the individual layers we wereable to create our opening titles on moviemaker. We are really happy with our productionlogo and think it will stand out from the rest it is homemade and original
  5. 5. During our construction process we used the more technical equipment film opening - thiswas majorly for filming so this included: Panasonic Camera Recorder Boom/Microphone Foley Sound Computer Software - Sony Vegas Photoshop Recording Equipment - For Recording Music Camera