Jade evaluation question four


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Jade evaluation question four

  1. 1. Evaluation Question Four. How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. The production of my music video consisted of three main stages of research and planning, construction and evaluation. Throughout these stages of production, I used a wide variety of media technologies.
  3. 3. How did you use media technology in the research and planning stage? During the research and planning stage I used many forms of media technology to complete this stage. To complete the research and planning as a class we used the same computers, with a HANNS.G monitor (custom built, with intel-i3 CPU’s and 16GB of RAM) meaning that these computers were specifically designed for the programs we would use.
  4. 4. Continued. While researching my target audience for my genre, I used two websites to gain more information for the social group and social class through the alternative rock genre. These websites used where UK Tribe and BBC Social Class test. This allowed my to determine the interests, hobbies and dislikes of my target audience enabling me to create an audience member profile.
  5. 5. Continued. To complete my research for my target audience, I filmed a short interview with my target audience to find out what they would like to see in an alternative rock music video. To do this I used a Panasonic NV-GS500 SD camera. I found this quite simple to use as we had used it last year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk2BagIz6_E - Target Audience Interview
  6. 6. How did you use media technology in the construction stage? To film my video, I used a Panasonic NV-GS500 SD camera. When capturing the footage, I had issues meaning I had lost half of my footage so I had to refilm some parts of my narrative. I used simple stage lighting for the performance, to create the appearance of a real performance. To edit my video I used Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 12. The main tool I used was Magic Bullet Quicklook plug-in and the effects I used were ‘Crush Blue Edge’ for the narrative and sharpen for the performance.
  7. 7. Continued. To create my image for my ancillary texts I had drawn a picture, then scanned it using a normal pirnter/scanner. To take photos of my artist for my ancillary texts, I used the studio in photography, including lights to create the illusion of a professional photo shoot. To create my ancillary texts, I used Photoshop with premade templates of a digipak and an A4 sized document for the magazine advert.
  8. 8. Continued. During filming, I used a Blackberry 9800 Torch as a prop and to contact the actors for my piece. After filming I got an Iphone 5c which was used for updates on Facebook and Twitter to show my video and to update my blog, using the blogger app. I also used both phones to take photos of my work in progress for updating my blog. I used Facebook and Twitter to show my friends and family my video and to thank the people involved.
  9. 9. How did you use media technology in the evaluation stage? Throughout the evaluation stage I used websites and programs which were used throughout the project. For evaluation question one and four, I used Powerpoint Presentation and Slideshare to upload it onto my blog. In addition for question four, I used wordle. For question two, I used Prezi as a different, more interesting way to present my answer and for question three, I used blogger to show my wide usage of different media technologies.
  10. 10. Throughout. When creating ways to present my work, I have used several websites and programs. To access the websites, I used Internet Explorer at school and Google Chrome at home, which enabled me to show my work. I used the website Blogger to show my work as a whole, which I found easy to use from last years work. In ways of presenting different elements of my work, I used Powerpoint, which was uploaded using Slideshare, Prezi, Wordle (which was used for evaluation question 4) and Blogger. I found that Prezi and Slideshare were difficult to use as the school had not upgraded so that the computers could open the websites successfully. This however was over come and began to get easier to use. Finally, I uploaded my final video and other recorded work over Youtube. This website also allowed me to do more research into other videos of my genre and student videos.