Halimat evaluation question 3


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Halimat evaluation question 3

  1. 1. Evaluation question 3 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Film distributor A film distributor is a company or individual responsible for the marketing of a film. The distributor sets the release date of a film and the method by which a film is to be exhibited or made available for viewing: for example, directly to the public either theatrically or for home viewing. A limited distributor may deal only with particular products, such as DVDs or Blu-ray, or may act in a particular country or market. For our film we will use a major distributor such as Universal or New Line Cinemas because they make high grossing movies. There are various film distributors: Warner bros, 20th century, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Sony Pictures, Universal and Columbia. Thriller/suspense films usually have high budgets and sell well when it comes to distribution and marketing. Titanic was made in 1997 and is still has the highest gross in 2014
  2. 2. Identity has a production budget of $28,000,000 and is being distributed by Columbia pictures and worldwide grossed a total of $82,183,683.
  3. 3. Panic room has a production budget of $48,000,000 and is being distributed by Columbia pictures and worldwide grossed a total of $196,308,367.
  4. 4. Insight like others will also be distributed by Columbia pictures. Many thriller films such as Panic room and Identity etc are distributed by Columbia pictures but we will choose New Line Cinemas. We chose New Line Cinemas because they are a major distributor in the film business and we think they distribute our film better than the rest. Also New Line Cinemas will promote and advertise our film through various social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr also through trailers, websites, TV and YouTube. We also expect our film to go worldwide and to make millions. These films are distributed by New Line Cinemas Se7en The cell Twin peaks: fire walk with me Blink Dangerous Ground Dark city
  5. 5. The Astronaut's Wife Lost Souls 15 Minutes The Butterfly Effect Snakes on a Plane Fracture Rendition
  6. 6. All these successful thriller films have successful distributors, if we could also have the chance we would choose New Line Cinemas to be our distributor. Thriller films attract a mainstream audience as it is a mainstream genre compared to the rest of the genres such as comedy and adventure. The graph clearly shows thriller/suspense is in the top ten so therefore we have chance of making a gross profit. It also shows thriller/suspense is in the fifth rank and has made 893 movies and has made a total of $18,105,867,529 and has sold 3,548,092,331.