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Film title text analyses


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Film title text analyses

Published in: Education
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Film title text analyses

  1. 1. Opening movie titles. Within this we see the order of what titles appear in within the opening of a movie this will help me decide what order to put my own movie titles in with my movie ‘The Dead Returning’. The opening credits of Django unchained firstly we see the producers and distributers of the film appear first. Followed by the directors Quentin Tarantino followed by the main actors names these follow the order of Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio the title appears later after we see slave traders are pulling characters including Django this is to emphasis the title and to link the character and his name early on. After this we see less important names that include names of people who are less important including people who do sound and editing. I think this is a simple opening order of credits and help the audience establish whether or not the movie is for them and highlight the genre of the movie. Secondly I looked at the opening for zombie land this helped me both understand the title and credits but also for my genre. This started with a long opening without any credits to open to movie o the horror of the zombie movie genre this follows on to the opening credits where horrific scenes are slowed down as titles appear. However when the credits starts they came in the order of the studio and production team in this case Columbia pictures this is followed by who they are associated with. This is then followed by the main character actors this is then followed by the title Zombieland. This is then followed by the less important members such as casting, costume and editors. Overall I think this is a very effective opening to the movie and highlights both people involved within the movie but also establish the genre really well through text style and colour.
  2. 2. Finally I looked at the opening of cloud atlas and analysed the titles and the order they appeared in. This started with the long flash backs and forwards from story to story without and titles and names this is to introduce the story first and foremost due to the movie being such a complex story. After this we see the title ‘cloud atlas’. This is effective at focusing the audience. Overall there are many different approaches o the opening titles of movie however from looking at the opening I will choose to uses my studio logo, main actor names and finally and most importantly the title of the movie. Think I will place this in the order of director name, actor names and finally the title of the movie.