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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4: Who would be the audience for your media product? Target audiences Different types of media products always have different specific target audiences. If the media product was aimed at a wrong demographic target audience then it may not reach its full potential in the market. To make sure that this wouldn’t happen we used the UK film council. In general according to the data that we had collected above males under 35= 57% and over 35= 62% enjoy watching Action films and also women under 35= 52% and women over 35=35%. Males under 35 don't enjoy watching them as much as males over 35 with a percentage difference of 5%. However women under 35 enjoy watching Action films than women over 35 with a percentage difference of 17%. In the end we chose the males under 35 as on the whole they showed us the best opportunities for our films potential taking into account if they are parents and their social class.
  2. 2. The BBFC classifications The BBFC classification is a certificate on a film to stop younger children watching a something we bad language, violence and sexual nudity. We made sure that we classified our film before we produced the film so also make sure that it sustains it correct target audience. We also did this to prevent young children from watching anything that may damage them in anyway like contained strong violence, frequent bad language and some imitable behaviour. vf o Considering the effects of language and violence in our film we decide to have a BBFC rating of a 15 which only allows 15 years and above to watch our film Target Audience member profile Other information also helped us like my demographic audience member profile. He is 28, working in C1 class category and also had a child of 4 months. This member profile help us dearly as he was in our target audience range that we were looking for which was males under 35. We asked him questions on the type of Genre that he likes to start with and then went into more knowledge about what he likes in Action films, what he doesn’t like in them and favourite Action films. I finally asked him some questions that could link to the way we will present our final media product like the music that he preferred, things that he likes to do in his spare time and also where he thinks that I should market my film. He also gave me some examples of films that he likes to watch, he said that he likes to watch films with lots of things that go on like Shooter and he also likes various die hard films. By asking my member profile this variety of question he could help us to understand what people like and want in Action films which could help the film to reach its full potential.