Evaluation question 3


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Evaluation question 3

  1. 1. EVALUATION QUESTION 3 James Hunter
  2. 2. PITCH This is my pitch for my A2-Level Media coursework which is to make a music video for a song of your choice. I chose "Youth and Whiskey" by Black Veil Brides as it is a song that my band can play and we are in good timing with it. The ideas that I put across were to have the video mainly performance based as that is what most bands form the chosen genre tend to do so I will be fitting in with the conventions of the genre. I will be having some product placement to go with the title of the song by using some bottles of whiskey. I was working on a narrative for the song and I didn't have any ideas for it, but now I have thought about it a bit more, I will be aiming to do something revolving around the vocalist, because he is able to look upset on demand, I'm hoping to be able to use him as an upset guy where everything is going wrong for him, but then a group of friends ask him to be in a band and then everything starts looking up for him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VViq4zx16Ag The reason for doing the pitch was to get the ideas I had across to the rest of the class.
  3. 3. QUESTIONNAIRES/INTERVIEWS For part of my target audience research, we were asked to do questionnaires/interviews. I decided to do an interview with someone who liked the music in the genre that I had chosen. From this target audience interview, I have come to the conclusion that my target audience is in the 15-18 year old age range. It tells me that some people like the hard-core rock music, but are a bit wary of the screaming within the songs they produce. People are bored of the same storyline in songs which is mainly a break up and a depressed woman or man involved so I will not bring this idea into my music video. The target audience for the video will be for people who like to hang out with friends and listen to music a lot. Some people only like particular songs from certain band within the genre so I will create a feel to the video that some people can relate to. Target Audience Interview - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XScKlCxlmpk
  4. 4. FEEDBACK During the coursework we got feedback on different levels. Music Video - We had a class feedback session on our music videos. The class like mine but they said it needed a few improvements. They liked the initial idea of the narrative, the switch between narrative and performance, the black and white during the narrative and the filter that I had used throughout the video. The feedback I got was to speed up the beginning sequence of footage as it didn't match the pace of the song. The flashing lights were in some clips of the solo and not in others. I was also told to play around with colour control as some of the performance parts were lighter than other performance parts. With this feedback, I went and changed the intro to an acceptable speed which made the video look better and it matched the pace of the song. I corrected the flashing lights in the solo so that there weren't any parts where they were flashing and then some parts where they wasn't. I had a look at the colour correction but I couldn't get the hang of it so I just left it to how it was.
  5. 5. FEEDBACK #2 Digipak Feedback - We had a class feedback session on the design of our digipaks. The feedback I got from the class was that they all like little bits from each idea I had. The first idea was the Jack Daniels theme on the front with everything erased except the white outlines, and on the back was a still shot from the performance of all the instruments on the ground with the track listing and all the copyright above it. My second idea was to have a still shot from my video of the microphone on the floor with the artist name above it and the name of the album below it, and on the back I was going to use a guitar pick outline for the track listing and have all the copyright underneath it. My third idea was to have a guitar pick outline with the name of the album in the center of the front panel and the band name above that, and the back would have been a guitar neck shot from my video with the track listing on the strings with all the copyright underneath. The class opted for the guitar neck and the Jack Daniels theme. The guitar neck and some positive criticism from one of the class who said it would be a good idea to have the guitar so its Guitar Hero style. I took this advice and made my digipak.
  6. 6. FEEDBACK #3 Magazine Adverts - We had a class feedback session on our magazine adverts for our digipak. The feedback I got was that the class liked my first idea because of the use of the Jack Daniels label which ties in with the song choice title. Some of the class liked my second idea, but one of the class pointed out that it looks as though I'm advertising a tour by the band. In the end, I went for my first idea as it was the preferred option by the class as the second idea was considered to be more of a tour advertisement.. First Idea - Second Idea -
  7. 7. FEEDBACK #6 Mrs Greenwood – “effective use of colour vs b/w to create contrast in different sections, maybe needed the pace of cutting/editing to be a bit more dynamic to match pace of song” Year 8 Feedback – “Too emo” “Didn’t understand the storyline” “Couldn’t hear vocals over the drums” This video wasn’t intended for this age group, so they wouldn’t have got the general gist of the storyline.