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Evaluation q4

  1. 1. Evaluation Q4 - How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning, and evaluation stage? By Rachel Brent
  2. 2. Planning <ul><li>During this stage of planning and research I used a number of different programmes; </li></ul>
  3. 3. I used YouTube within my planning to access different music videos so I could relate and examine different videos with the Hip-Hop convention. I used Blogger to record all of the work and process of creating my music video throughout. I used it for planning, research, construction and evaluation. This I found to be a good programme as it also allowed me to keep organised and access all my work in one place at one time.
  4. 4. Prezi is a website which allows you to create a mood board from your genre. I used this to create a mood board for the genre of Hip-Hop. I have used slide share to present my presentations throughout my blog. I found this very useful as it was not only an easy and simple way of displaying information but was also using different medias throughout my blog.
  5. 5. Word has been very useful throughout the process of my blog I used it to keep records of things such as risk assessments and also blog posts when the internet was not available to me. I used Excel to record the results of the numerous questionnaires I have done. I decided to post them on my blog as graphs and Excel allowed me to do this. I used PowerPoint to create my work before turning it into a slide share.
  6. 6. I have used Google a lot throughout, I have used it as a search engine as I have been researching different videos and digipak’s in the genre of Hip-Hop. I have also used it to research history and pictures for my mood board.
  7. 7. Construction
  8. 8. I used the Panasonic HDC - SC700 camera for most of my filming this was because I decided to shoot on the green screen as this would allow me to have whatever background I wanted to have. I also used this as it enabled me to change the zoom of the shot so I could film a mid shot and still be able to change it to a close up. Although most of my shots where filmed in HD I did use the normal Panasonic NVGS500 to film parts. One part I filmed with this camera is the shots of the artists against the brick wall.
  9. 9. I used a tripod when filming. This was so I could get a steady shot with no sharp unwanted movements. Not only did I want steady shots it was in some case a convention of a music video. Although one of my shots is handheld this means you don’t use a tripod and the camera is meant to jump around a bit. I used this camera to take pictures of things such as location and artists. I was also able to download these pictures onto the computer where I could add them onto my blog.
  10. 10. Construction
  11. 11. Premiere Pro is a time-line based video editing software application. Which allows people to create graphic designs, video editing and web development. I used it to edit my video. To finish off my video I used After Effects to recreate the writing shots in more detail and make them look more professional. I used a Mac book computer to edit my music video as they are very professional and quick. Also Premiere Pro works really well on them. I used Photoshop for my ancillary tasks to create my magazine advert and CD cover. This gave them the finish and look I was looking for.
  12. 12. Black and white To get the effect I wanted which was Black & White I went into Video Effects then onto Image Control and then Black & White.  Then I clicked onto Black & White then dragged it onto the clip I wanted to change into black and white. After you have done that it should come up in effect controls under Video controls.
  13. 13. Flashing lights I used After Effects to create the right effect I wanted with the flashing lights this was something I did this in post production as it was going to take quite a while and I wanted to be as professional looking as possible. This was the video I based this idea on – All Of the Lights.
  14. 14. Ancillary Tasks I used Photoshop to create my ancillary tasks; magazine advert and digipak, I did this because I feel that Photoshop gives a professional look that for exam paint wouldn’t give.
  15. 15. Evaluation <ul><li>For my evaluation I used much of the same software as I did during Research and Planning… </li></ul><ul><li>Blogger was used to upload and embed videos and images, but also audio files and my completed video </li></ul><ul><li>I used YouTube and Facebook to circulate my video to my target audience. This allowed me to collect feedback from my target demographic. </li></ul><ul><li>I also used Microsoft Word to design a questionnaire for my target audience. </li></ul>