Evaluation Question 4


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Evaluation Question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4 Who would be the audience for your media product? Thriller/suspense films usually appeal to both male and females. We chose this audience because of their demographics and psychographics which includes: Age Gender Ethnicity Class Opinions These values make the audience like the genre and want to watch our film opening Films general public enjoy watching This graph shows that thriller films are more likely to be watched by females over 35, without parents and in a social class of C2. This makes it easier for us to know who our secondary and primary audience will be, for our secondary audience it will be males over 35 and females over 35 for our primary audience. Insight will be targeted at over 35s both genders, however it will also be targeted at a younger audience; 15 and above because our BBFC rating is 15.
  2. 2. This graph gives a market overview of estimated levels of film consumption among the general national public. The people who watch more films than others are a type of targeting an audience, they are more likely to want to see a film, if they watch films more often. According to the graph the highest percentage of heavy film watchers were in the age range of 16-24 years old, although over 35 are not heavy film watchers they still watch films at a medium rate of 50%. The psychographics and demographics of our target audience using a primary target example: Demographics Age-40
  3. 3. Gender - Male Occupation -Teacher Social Class – B Psychographics Ethnicity- White Opinions- keep all your priorities straight. Attitude- intelligent and happy. We have decided to rate our film 15 because we thought insight will be well suited to rating 15 for our target audience. Our target audience is females over 35. Insight will not be suitable for anyone younger than 15 because it contains mild features of blood, sexual scenes and imitable behaviour which may be considered violent in the film. As our secondary target audience is males over 35, all the characters are females to appeal to the audience more. The stereotype of thriller movies is the protagonist is set against a problem; an escape, a mission, or a mystery, it will emphasize the danger that the protagonist faces. Our primary target audience is females over 35 which the graph clearly shows they watch more thriller films than men which could be a good thing with a social class of C2. In conclusion, our target audience is females over 35 although we rated our film 15 it is to attract a wider audience.