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Artist permission


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Artist permission for my A2 music video - Ain't No Sunshine

Published in: Education
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Artist permission

  1. 1. Artist Permission. Dear Columbia Records, I am a Media Studies student from De Aston School writing this letter to ask for your permission to have the rights to use the very famous and classically well-known song “Ain’t No Sunshine” from the artist Bill Withers. I chose pick this particular song because I felt this song was such a classic that I couldn’t afford to miss the chance to sort of bring this song back to life (not that it ever died out) and let people just feel and respect this classical song a little bit more. The fact that I’ve even mentioned the song to my class has already gotten them singing the song countless times, if I can make my class mates and my Media Studies teacher bring up the song every time I come to class and mention the various ideas I have for the layout of the music video then I know that if I were to have your saying I would be able to reach a lot more people and a bigger audience. I am fully aware of the all the famous artist as of today that you have signed like Beyoncé, Calvin Harris, Adele and the rest. So I highly understand why you are second major record company to produce recorded records. I would greatly be thankful if I were to get your saying to be being allowed to use the song “Ain’t No Sunshine” for my A2 music video. Yours Sincerely Alex Onyejuba