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Scholastic Books for Trapiche Elementary School Library: Order Summary


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Scholastic Books for Trapiche Elementary School Library: Order Summary

  1. 1. ORDER SUMMARY INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO USE THIS VIRTUAL WAREHOUSE WORKSHEETSNAME OF SCHOOL: SAMBAT TRUST 1 Kindly fill-up the information on the left side of this pageSCHOOL ADDRESS: 2 Click the desired collection on the virtual warehouse sale, this will lead youCONTACT PERSON: Zarah Gagatiga to the list of titles included in the collection 3 Indicate the quantity of titles you want to purchase in the collection.CONTACT NUMBER/S: 4 The worksheet is designed to automatically computed for the amount of booksNo. Category QTY ORDERED AMOUNT you want to purchased. 1 25 % DISCOUNT 28.00 4,275.00 5 Please email to for reservation of books. 2 HARD BOUND 50% 135.00 29,227.50 6 Ms. Bel Hadap will call/reply to you to confirm your orders. 3 HARDY BOYS COLLECTION 50% 11.00 1,540.00 7 Sales Invoice will be prepared based on the confirmed orders. 4 NANCY DREW COLLECTION 50% 11.00 1,540.00 5 MAGIC SCHOOL BUS COLLECTION 50% 64.00 4,802.50 CONDITIONS: 6 BARNEY COLLECTIONS 50% 29.00 2,715.00 1 Availability of books in the list will be on a first come first served basis. 7 DISNEY COLLECTION 50% 91.00 7,412.50 2 For a P5,000 and above orders, delivery will be free of charge. 8 CLIFFORD COLLECTION 50% 35.00 2,387.50 3 For pick-up of orders, the warehouse is open from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 9 75% OFF TITLES 40.00 2,141.25 4 For other inquiries, you may call Ms. Bel Hadap at 900-1537. TOTAL ORDERED 404 56,041.25