Partners: Sambat Trust + Adarna House


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Sambat Trust is proud to be partnered with Adarna House:

Starting out in 1980 as a small publishing house, Adarna House became the country's leading publisher of books for children, parents, teachers, and social workers. Our readers choose from a wide range of titles — all original publications that feature Filipino values, culture, history, and experiences. Created through an intensive book development process, our books have earned the recommendation of authoritative educational institutions and experts.

For thirty years, our dedication to Filipino children has always gone further than giving them a library of quality books. As the only comprehensive literacy services provider in the country, we have developed reading programs and services to complement our products. After all, our vision goes well beyond mere book-production. Education and literacy are our foremost commitments, and we make sure that our books and programs give Filipinos — old and young alike — a reason to love reading, and learning. Our real business is the business of inspiring Filipino children to dream, to explore worlds, to enjoy their childhood, and to take pride in being Filipino

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Partners: Sambat Trust + Adarna House

  1. 1. Reading: A Ticket Out of Poverty The PISA's OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) survey of 265,000 students in 35 countries showed reading "to have positive associations not only with literacy but with maths and science results as well.”
  2. 2. believes that reading CAN bring about social change.
  3. 3. When you donate to Sambat Trust , we make sure that the books we give to children nurture the imagination like no other media.
  4. 4. Books from help us achieve this goal.
  5. 5. Books like these
  6. 9. with stories that can teach kids topics as simple as vegetables or topics as complex as justice,
  7. 13. or stories that celebrate friendships and learning how to overcome physical limitations.
  8. 14. Sambat Trust donates books written and illustrated by award-winning Filipino authors and illustrators . Author: Augie Rivera Illustrator: Kora Albano Author: Russell Molina Illustrator: Marcus Nada
  9. 15. has established 5 primary school libraries , delivered over 17,500 children's books , granted 38 scholarships , and trained 60 teachers . Now, over 2,230 children have access to a functional school library in the Philippines as of August 2011 .  
  10. 16. To help get more books into the hands of children, please visit