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Best Web Sphere Online Training

  1. 1. 1. Web Sphere Overview and new features o Overview and new feature o Architechure overview o Toplogy and terminalogy o Topology and terminalogy – Express o Main themes, product packaging and development tools o Overview of new features 2. WebSphere Installation and migration o installation and migration o Installation overview o Profiles – details o V6 Install – Network deployment and express o Web server plug-in installation o Websphere Application Server V6 migration 3.WebSphere system management o System management o System management architecture o Resource scoping o Configuration repository o File synchronization o Administrative clients overview o Browser-based administrative console o Start/stop/monitor processes o Other commands o Build cell – add / remove nodes o Cell,deployment manager, node and node agent o Export and import configuration archives o Manage generic servers o Manage node groups o Application management overview o Application management install and uninstall o Application management Lab – install application o Managed application resources – enhanced EARs o Lab – enhanced EAR files o Fine -grained application update o Lab – application update o JDBC management o Manage Web server nodes o WRD Overview o WRD deployment automation o Administrative security 4.WebSphere Security
  2. 2. o security o Overview and architecture o J2EE security for applications o Java 2 security for applications o CSIv2 security o JACC o Security for system administrator o Authentication mechanism and user reqistries o Adding security fir J2C/JDBC resources o Adding security for JMS resources 5.WebSphere Service integration technologies o Service integration technologies o Overview o Architecture o Configuration service integration bus resources o Configuring JMS resources for service integration bus o Workload management(WLM) and high availability (HA) o Mediation 6.WebSphere Workload management and high availability o workload management and high availability o Administrative details o Data replication services(DRS) o High Availability Overview o High Availability Details 7. WebSphere Runtime functions o classloader and jndi o lassloader Overview o Details o Examples o Problem determination and best practice o Dynamic application reload o JNDI Overview o JNDI Basics o JNDI Advanced o JNDI Examples o JNDI Problem determination o trasport channel service o Transport channel service 8.WebSphere Performance • performance and demonstrations o Application server performance overview o Websphere Application Server dynamic cache
  3. 3. o Performance advisor and Tivoli Performance Viewer(TPV) o Request metrics 9.WebSphere Problem determination o Problem determination o Overview – where to start o Log files overview o Loading and tracing o Log and trace analyzer o Hung thread detection o Generating an IBM heap dump o Connection leak diagnostics Business Contacts: Name : Mr. Satish Kumar Email id : Or Phone number : +91 998 941 6000 ( India) 248 906 1615 ( USA)