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The Beautiful Islam 04 -in korean language.


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please read the 7 parts of "the beautiful islam"
and thanks

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The Beautiful Islam 04 -in korean language.

  1. 1. Leading exporter M. Shariq SaeedPH no.: 82-2-2631-8557Fax: 82-2-2631-8281
  2. 2. Question:Answer:
  3. 3. (Why is it that when a child dedicates herself to a subject, She has POTENTIAL,) (And when a child dedicates herself Islam She is HOPELESS?)
  4. 4. ç
  5. 5. -Islam is Frances second religion. (TIME, Monday, Jun. 12, 2000) first body to represent the countrys five million Muslims - Europes largest community. The new body will be called the French Council for-in France, home to the largest Islamic community in Europe, an the Muslim Religion, and will be the equivalent of the UKs Muslimeffort is in full swing to separate the eternal message of Islam from Council. (BBC News, 20 December, 2002)its medieval cultural baggage. (TIME, Sunday, November. 10, 2002) An estimated five million Muslims live in France - making Islam the-France creates Muslim council countrys second religion. There are about 1,600 mosques andFrench officials and Muslim leaders have agreed to the creation of the Muslim prayer halls in France. (BBC News , 17 January, 2003)
  6. 6. contents The direction of Qiblah in Korea approximately 260 Latitude West. Adhan on Jumaah will be called at 13.00 o clock. (MUSLIM MONTHLY MAGAZINE)