The Beautiful Islam 03 -in korean language.


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please read the 7 parts of "the beautiful islam"
and thanks

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The Beautiful Islam 03 -in korean language.

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  3. 3. Leading exporter M. Shariq SaeedPH no.: 82-2-2631-8557Fax: 82-2-2631-8281
  4. 4. Question:Answer:
  5. 5. (When a western woman stays athome to look after the house andkids shes sacrificing herself and doing good for the household,) (but when a muslim woman does so, she needs to be liberated ?)
  6. 6. http://www.quran.or.krcontents The direction of Qiblah in Korea approximately 260 Latitude West. Adhan on Jumaah will be called at 13.00 o clock. (MUSLIM MONTHLY MAGAZINE)