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the future of  design isn’t just the web
design forcross channel experiencesSamantha Starmer   @samanthastarmer WebVisions 2011
today why care about cross channel design? how to think about cross channel design try cross channel design   discover...
me     web and experience stuff: Amazon, Microsoft               REI – Recreational Equipment, Inc.                create ...
first time at brick &              mortar
Waitress picture         10 years inrestaurant business
a story… 
Oz IA(Australia!!)
Sydney pictureimagined myself in          Sydney
but I’m aprocrastinator
oh crap
huh. an electronic Visa.well, that’s pretty cool.
except I can’tcheck in online
even though I bought my   tickets and Visa online
damn, have to talk to a               person     
waited in long check-in                   line     
Flight agent picture             
“this won’t  work”
Censored!but, it has official stuff  and numbers and …
“i’m a human,not a machine”
Flight agent picture             
“what’s your itinerary?”
thank god I’m old           school
what about my    visa?
Sleeping at Airport            
“i have no idea”
Flight agent picture             
“Change screens, Pillow Pillow”               “Where’s the Pillow?”“Didn’t they cover that in training?”              “Bac...
we live across physical and        digital
our lives cross     channels –websites, apps, phone,                 etc…
we must design for      the holistic      experience
don’t design for just website
…or physical environment     
we must design      across all   touchpoints
digital and physical        are colliding
70% of US onlineconsumers researchproducts online and    purchase them             offline    Forrester, Profiling The Mul...
53% of mobile searches on Binghave a local intent                                                                   Greg S...
technology is everywhere
(and here is our   opportunity)
‘integrated      experiences               are       few and far         between’                         Alexandra Descha...
customersdon’t think     about  channels
customers  don’t thinkabout design  disciplines                      ...
customersdo think aboutyour company, your product
across time,touchpoints         andexperiences
however we want      to interact
whenever we see     your brand
things outside our           control
design across digital        and physical
between channels
between channelsbetween platforms
between channels      between platformsbetween digital & physical
5 principles 5 methods     5 tools
5 principles1.   convenient2.   connected3.   consistent4.   contextual5. (a) cross time
Walgreen on iPad
Walgreen’s drive in            
consider the experience           of transitions     
no Encore…
15% bump inweekend traffic
Trying on tentresearch online, try           in store            
(a)cross time
5 methods1.   think in terms of services2.   share the sandbox3.   start walking4.   comfort in discomfort5.   why vs. what
1. Think in terms of services   think in terms of services             Waitress
Fluevog on iPad
From: seattlefluevog@cablespeed.comTo: sstarmerj@hotmail.comSubject: Fluevog order 20110211-00072873Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011...
Incremental Sale
2. share the sandbox        
UX Mag      let people in.let people design.   let people play.
3. start walking         
4. comfort in discomfort
you don’t haveto be an expert
“an interesting thing happenedtoday – we were invited to help Visual Merch decide what shelf  labels and categories to use...
eek – I don’t know anything         about store design!    
“an interesting thing happenedtoday – we were invited to help Visual Merch decide what shelf  labels and categories to use...
5. why vs. what        
buying a tent
for backyard?
or backcountry        snow?
5 tools1. document the present2. map the future3. get behind the scenes4. tell a story5. cross train
1. document the present    
2. map the future 
getting from point  A to point      B; and everythingin between
think about thecustomer’s whole     journey
3. get behind the scenes       
how is the digitalexperience supported?      
4. tell a story        
Meet JaneOutdoor Loyal38, PortlandInvolved in overlappingsports and understandsthe value of good gear“I kind of have a jac...
Monday… I want to go backpacking this weekend!
Time to plan…
I want to go somewhere beautiful…
5. cross train       
don’t design for thechannel, design for the  holistic experience
don’t design for thescreen, design for the holistic experience
don’t design for thetechnology, design for the     holistic experience
5 principles                          5 methods1.   convenient                     1.   think in terms of services2.   con...
stakeholder interviews        
field research       
design games        232                    
gamestorming - the book          
customer journeys   
service inventory          
exerciseexperience      map
what is the experience of         buying a bicycle?       
what are the tasks?what are the touchpoints?  what are the decisions? what support is needed?
experience map       touchpoint   touchpoint   touchpoint   touchpoint   touchpointtasktasktasktasktasktask
experience map              touchpoint touchpoint   touchpoint   touchpoint   touchpointneeddecisionresearchtest ridepurch...
look for… Interactions moments of truth gaps front stage and back stage needed systems/support
questions Pain points – what are the responses/options the  design needs to address? Positive points – what are the thin...
discovery re-cap stakeholder interviews field research co-design design games body storming customer journey servic...
mental models      
Mental Modelsmental models - the book @jessmcmullin @samanthastarmer                                               188    ...
storyboards                                                               SCAD Service Design Project        http://servd....
swim lanes   
business origami (@jessmcmullin)              
touchpoint matrix          
exercise  serviceblueprint
Service blueprint       Physical      Evidence  (touchpoints)         User       Actions ‘Front Stage’(front line staff)  ...
Service Blueprint 
@jessmcmullin@samanthastarmer   197
SCAD Service Design Project
service blueprint user’s perspective how service components link together different touchpoints and options organizati...
elements1. customer actions2. physical evidence3. front stage, customer facing (real time   service or self service)4. bac...
Service blueprint       Physical      Evidence  (touchpoints)         User       Actions ‘Front Stage’(front line staff)  ...; slide 112
Solution re-cap mental models comics story boards swim lanes business origami touchpoint matrix service blueprint ...
cross channel alignment
do some research   
understand executives’ goals
use metrics    
track online and offline                           130     30
on ramps and off ramps
flex soft skills
cultivate patience       
start at the grassroots         
but work towards top-down       
find the bodies
Understand organizational structureunderstand org structure
don’t boil the ocean
tell a fairy tale
close the loop       
make business case       
designing a holistic experiencemeans listening holistically:•   usual UX research, but also•   call center•   email querie...
hang with a new crowd          
make new friends   Marketing•   IT, or anyone who can build stuff•   Finance•   Distribution Center•   Customer Service• ...
don’t get overwhelmed
you can’t be everywhere at once•   target a channel pair•   focus on incremental progress•   Measure stuff•   celebrate (a...
don’t be grabby        
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