Who would be the audience for your product?


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Who would be the audience for your product?

  1. 1. Who would be the audience for your media product? Samantha King
  2. 2. Music magazines not only shape the tastes of their audience with their content but also react to thechanging tastes of their audience.New music, new sub genres, new fashions and new audience expectations need to be met by an institutionif they want to maintain an audience.When I carried out my audience research I found out lots of information about my potential target audience.I did surveys and interviews to find out what they wanted.I looked at the audience for products similar to that which I wanted to make.I produced a profile of my potential audience:‘Ethan is 19 and is evidently a passionate music fan, he hasn’t got any dependents or responsibilities and sospends his time engaging with music every day of every week, when he isn’t listening to music or watchingmusic TV, he is talking to his friends about music, attending gigs or playing instruments and fanaticisingabout rock glory. Ethan’s love for rock music is reflected in his choice of friends, hobbies, leisure time,attitudes, fashion sense and lifestyle. He is the trend setter in his peer group but he is heavily influenced bymusical icons and scenes. He loves the live music experience, opting to go for a mixture of gigs, especiallyhuge arena shows such as Kings Of Leon and Kasabian. He also enjoys reading magazines to discover newmusic which forms part of his social currency, he is very keen to know the new rock bands and icons beforethey go mainstream and uses this knowledge as influence within his peers within his friendship circle. Ethanis also a keen social networker and uses online services to enhance his social life.’
  3. 3. AgeAge – 16-25This age range is reflected throughout multiple elements within my final magazineproduct. Firstly, as you can see throughout my entire magazine I’ve opted for a verystraightforward font style and modified it in a distressed, defected, faded manner. Thisis particularly used for my masthead font as displayed above. An interpretation of thiscould be that it indicates the sense of breaking or even corrupting the standardconventions, there is a sense of anti-establishment which is greatly reflected in thetype face at the top by the element of distress. These rebellious themes arestereotypically more so reflected through the persona of people within the ageboundary of 16-25 years. Taking this into account, by having this font style as mymasthead it increases the likelihood of gaining the attraction of my target audience,leading them to potentially be interested in the magazine and the contents itself.
  4. 4. AgeAlso the brief headlines for the features in the contentspage indicate a passive reading level which is associatedwith the younger audience. This is closely similar to theidea of text:picture ratio this is due to the basis that thismagazine has a target audience of individuals between theage range of 16-25 year olds and therefore enjoy moremomentary applications of text. The short-lived headlinesalso make it easier for my audience to navigate to theirclosest interest rather than being over phased by masses ofinformation that has no structure.
  5. 5. AgeIn my double page spread, therepresentation of my information and thecontent itself greatly attends to my targetaudience. The use of a short interviewensures maintained interest from mytarget audience as it is undersized and notover powering. Also, the lack of furtherinformation creates a suspenseful andatmospheric impressions, leaving theaudience to want to read more, thereforecompletely indulged within the contentsitself. Also the tour dates create the ideaof a poster which is a big attraction to mytarget audience, it is imagined that theyhave posters on there wall themselves andit is something that they enjoy andtherefore has a great appeal to them. Byhaving a pull quote in large lettering drawsthe reader in to take their attention to thesmall interview of which it is from.
  6. 6. ClassClass – Middle classThey will have a disposable income so therefore will be able to afford magazinesand other luxuries to indulge in. This becomes more obvious when examining themedia packs and the brand images they display, for example, clothing brandssuch as, fred perry, adidas, topman and entertainment products such as iPods,high tech cameras, laptops and gaming consoles, along side cosmetic products forpersonal grooming all of which are branded with well known trusted labels.
  7. 7. GenderThe performer is evidently a female posing for the camera, thisexpresses the personality of that reflected within the rock culture,deviating the social norms and rebelling against traditionalconventions, i.e. rather than angelically smiling for the camera, atraditional convention of society, the performer is captured to bescreaming with aggression. The females may wish to be like her andthe males may be attracted to her, as my audience is predominatelyconventional and straight oppose to being homosexual.
  8. 8. GenderMy female model is presented in a very rebellious way whichcomplement my magazine and its features. This completely subverts theusual stereotypes of womanly, unforceful behaviours. She is illustratinga very assertive representation by the stance and facial expressions shedisplays herself. These challenge traditional stereotypes of women asbeing introvert and also gracious. My target audience is predominantlywhite males and therefore this imagery is more likely to appeal to themand attract them to the product.