How did you attract/address your audience?


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How did you attract/address your audience?

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience? Samantha King
  2. 2. Attracting• Attracting my target audience is all about making my audience want to engage with my media product and invest time and (usually) money with it.• I used many different ways to attract my audience:• Masthead• Photograph(s)• Colours• Free stuff• Posters• Layout• Cover lines• Price• These elements have then been manipulated to appeal to my specific audience.
  3. 3. AttractingThese are specific elements of my magazine.As elements of my final product display,I am aiming to emulate existing music magazine products, especially Kerrang!Therefore, these elements would attract my audience as they communicate well with theaudience through the use of font style and colour scheme.
  4. 4. AttractingThe writing style is very basic, I have taken a verystraightforward font style and modified it in a verydistressed, flawed manner.An interpretation of this could be that it indicates thesense of breaking or even corrupting the standardconventions, there is a sense of anti-establishment whichis greatly reflected in the type face by the element ofdistress.The sense of anti-establishment also reflects my targetaudience and the themes of the rock culture and how theydisobey the ‘rules’ and break the conventions of society.
  5. 5. AttractingThe colour scheme consists of yellow and black, this conveys aesthetic conflictbetween the use of these two colours in such a compact element to a fairlysignificant extent; as the brightness of the yellow clashes with the darkness of theblack. There becomes a sense of juxtaposition, which detonates an act or instanceof placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.The brightness of the yellow is, with intent, placed directly above a dark jet blackbackground. On an every day basis, these colours are commonly used together tosignify warning, i.e. on road signs to connote nearby danger, to grab the attentionof individuals. This idea of danger is portrayed through the conventions of the Rockgenre, as it connotes rebellious themes and breaking the conventions of the normsof society. The juxtaposition of the colour scheme of my contents page is followingthe theme of the house-style of the ‘Kerrang!’ magazine, as the consistentmasthead on my cover page is similar to this idea, in the fact the white and blackare contrasting colours of which compliment one another, by making it stand outand appeal to the audience of this magazine. This technique is adapted from theway in which it is used in ‘Kerrang!’. Reference to this is displayed below.
  6. 6. AddressingOnce I had attracted my audience I addressed them.You can address an audience in terms of both written and visual language.When I did my initial research I looked at the writing style of the magazines Ihad researched and identified the way that the magazines addressed theiraudience.The writing style and the use of certain words or phrases are ways magazinesaddress their audience in terms of a written language.
  7. 7. AddressingBelow is an extract taken from a contents page of ‘Kerrang!’ magazine,displaying the use of different lexis within the article, used to engage withtheir audience, addressing them using language which is familiar to them andwhich they typically regularly use in their every day lifestyle to interact.Last week the rock world was in the news for all the wrong reasons. While newspapers andpeople who know nothing about our world and our bands talk rubbish, we’ve been gettingexcited about the amazing shows coming our way in the next few weeks. Not only is theKerrang! Tour getting ready to roll into a town near you (turn to p11 for your chance to wintickets!), the mighty Rob Zombie us also gearing up for one of the most unmissable tours of theyear (see p6 to find out what he’s got in store). If that wasn’t enough, this week’s cover stars ADay To Remember are preparing to invade the UK on their first ever headline tour here. Wecaught up with them in their home state of Florida (p22) to witness the chaos they’re currentlywhipping up whenever they go first hand. Believe us, you won’t want to miss their shows!
  8. 8. AddressingBelow is an analysis of an extract taken from a contents page of ‘Kerrang!’ magazine.The language used within the specific rock genre magazines is very significant, this has beentaken from a contents page of ‘Kerrang!’ as it is used to engage with it’s audience. Forinstance, ‘rubbish’ is an adjective that you wouldn’t be especially stunned to see appearwithin the article/column of a rock genre magazine, whereas you may by alternatives such as‘nonsense’, as you might expect this to be used within a more mature magazine catered foran older target audience in a different genre of magazine, perhaps. In the sameway, ‘amazing’ is an adjective that unquestionably is approved to be displayed within a rockgenre magazine, whereas alternatives such as ‘marvellous’ are perhaps inappropriate for thisgenre and target audience and more suitable for magazines for other genres such as, jazzand blues etc. That are aimed to engage with an older audience generation. The adjective‘invade’ holds a rather aggressive aspect, as it denotes: ‘’to enter a place or situation in largenumbers with an intrusive effect.’’ Synonyms of invade include attack and raid, all of whichmaintain the forceful tones of destruction and rage. The use of the word ‘chaos’ emphasisesthe impression of mayhem and disorder to a further extent, due to the continuity of theantagonistic ideas, connoting havoc and distortions of the morals in society and also thetypical concept of breaking the conventions of society by the rebellious themes which isreflected within my target audience.
  9. 9. ‘perform live’ Addressing I used similar lexis within my magazine to that which has been noticed ‘kick of their within ‘Kerrang!’ For example, my double page spread: biggest ever tour’ ‘sure as hell’ ‘tour dates’
  10. 10. AddressingLexis used is important as language is a major element that notonly attracts but addresses your audience and helps engage withthem, I had to consider what adjectives I would use, for example: • Would I say song or did you say tune, record, beat, single, mix, hit, track, piece etc? • Would I say the album was great or awesome or savage? • Were my featured band playing gigs or shows or concerts or performances?
  11. 11. AddressingAlternative language for ‘perform’ that wouldn’t be particularlyappropriate for my target audience:present, act, play, put on, stage.Alternative language for ‘kick off’ would be lexis such as ‘start’ – I chose ‘kick off’as it holds a more aggressive tone that engages well with my audience, it suggestsrebellious themes which the rock culture relates to and therefore would appeal tomy audience.‘sure as hell’ also holds a rebellious appeal due to the informality and destructivetone.
  12. 12. AddressingImages are an important part of the way I addressed my audience.The mise en scene I chose engages with the audience and gives them information.
  13. 13. AddressingThere is a theme of black and white, monochromatic consistence of my contents page, this hasbeen deliberately done to give a visually dynamic look against the yellow, black, white and redlettering which it is surrounded by. There is the impression that it isn’t a pristine photo and thatit is therefore perhaps self produced and slightly flawed. The Rock genre ideology of breakingthe conventions of society is reflected within the image as it suggest the flaws of the rebelliousmannerisms and imperfections of this stereotype. The fact the image is captured from a liveevent immediately creates intimacy between the audience and the subject and being a reader ofthis magazine you then begin to feel involvement with the atmosphere of this image.
  14. 14. AddressingThe ratio of text to pictures is another way of addressing your audience.This double page spread taken from NME magazine clearly has areasonable amount more of images than text, this is due to the basis thatthis magazine has a target audience of individuals between the age rangeof estimated 15-25 year olds and therefore enjoy more visually orientatedapplications rather than staring aimlessly at huge blocks of small letteredtext which may be over phasing or lead to disinterest.
  15. 15. AddressingI have taken this into account when considering the composition and text:picture ratio ofmy own double page spread. As displayed above, this page visibly has a reasonableamount imagery that dominates the entire page, this is intentionally being proposed dueto the basis that this magazine has a target audience of individuals between the age rangeof estimated 15-25 year olds and therefore enjoy more visually orientated applications,this is also why I have chosen to feature a poster as my double page spread , as myaudience would enjoy this more rather than staring aimlessly at huge blocks of smalllettered text which may be over phasing or lead to disinterest.
  16. 16. AddressingThese are some examples of the photographs captured to potentially bedisplayed within my magazine product. The performer is posing for the camera,this expresses the personality of that reflected within the rock culture, deviatingthe social norms and rebelling against traditional conventions, i.e. rather thanangelically smiling for the camera, a traditional convention of society, theperformer is captured to be screaming with aggression.
  17. 17. AddressingMy performer is captured in medium close up/close up frames focusing on her pose andfacial expression rather than costume. These poses within the images communicate theidea of rebellion and breaking the conventions of society, reflected by the rock culture andits audience, this holds a realistic aspect of them through imagery that the audience canassociate themselves with. However, what you do see of the costume is a black fur coat.Fur coats are often opted by the middle class or wealthy individuals within society. Thisshows an aspect of fantasy and is something for the audience to aspire to have. Blackconnotes darkness, mystery and death themes, these are all negative associations werelate with the black colour and therefore the idea of rebellious themes is engraved intothe minds of the potential readers that engage within the product. Also, a hugesegmentation of the audience is targeted towards males, having a female cover staraddresses their attraction and engages with their personality and age stereotypes.