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Digipack Analysis Final


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Digipack Analysis Final

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  3. 3. Record Company Logo<br />Music Industry Logo<br />DVD and CD Logo<br />Photo Of Artist <br />Web Address Of Record Label <br />Bonus Material <br />Track List <br />Relative To Genre <br />Title <br />Barcode <br />Director <br />Record Label<br />Price <br />Contents <br />Booklet<br />DVD And CD<br />Record Company Name <br />Credits + Thanks <br />Interview <br />Gate Fold <br />Web Address Of Band <br />Band Logo<br />
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  5. 5. What are the audience’s expectations from the artist?<br />Does the overall genre lend itself to this genre of music?<br />Is the artwork and photographic content representative of the artist?<br />Has the additional material been packaged appropriately?<br />What are the advantages of a digipack for audience and industry?<br />
  6. 6. George Harrison – living in the material world <br />
  7. 7. George Harrison- Living in the material world <br />The audience expect to see the same style that they always see from George and they also expect for the Digipack to have some thing more than just a jewel case version of the album would have. They also expect to be able to pick the case up and know who it is automatically so therefore the case has to match George’s style.<br />The Genre of the Digipack may not necessarily be the same as the genre of his music but on the front it has the famous thing that he always did with his hand which was to put it out with all of his fingers together and then his thumb out. So the cover of the Digipack in a way represents this. <br />
  8. 8. George Harrison- Living in the material world <br />The artwork inside the case is also representative of the time in which the Digipack was released with the picture of the long car with a driver stood next to it in which we would assume was George’s car and his driver as he was the star. Also there is a brightly coloured picture of two Indian people and they look like a prince and a princess. This shows the fact that George embraced the Indian Mysticism and wanted to share this with the audience and make it aware to everyone that this was something that he was passionate about. So therefore the artwork and the content of the Digipack is representative of the artist.<br />The additional material within the Digipack is another disk and a small booklet and these are found within the same case as the normal CD this will make it easier to look after and not loose things from the pack. Also the fact that is as a gatefold layout makes it more conventional and fits in with everything else. <br />
  9. 9. George Harrison – Living in the material world <br />The advantages of a DVD Digipack to the audience is that they get extra content that they would not have received in the normal Jewel case version of the disc. So therefore they are getting more for there money even if it does cost a small amount more. Also they are good if you are a collector of the artist as it is a well designed case that is not always going to be around for purchase and it also seems a lot nicer to have a cardboard case than it does to have a Jewel case. There is also an advantage for the audience within the extra’s of the pack, such as they might get to hear songs that have never been heard before, live footage of the band or artist and an interview where all of there questions may have been answered. <br />
  10. 10. Madonna – The confessions tour <br />
  11. 11. Madonna – The confessions tour <br />The audiences expectations of this artist are something fun and funky as that is what Madonna has always gien to her audience. They also expect a wide ariety of songs from quite fast dance tracks to slow and chill out. They also expect to see the same sort of style that Madonna has always produced which is something different to what we see in most places. <br />The artwork on the Digipack lends itself to the style of the music by having the disco ball instead of an o in Madonna, also we see Madonna in a helmet as if she has just come off a moped or something which is not something that we usually see a a famous music artist doing. The Digipack artwork also matches the genre of what we usually see Madonna doing with all the disco balls and a black background and the only colour is in the important things in order to attract the audiences eye. <br />
  12. 12. Madonna- The confessions tour<br />The additional material that comes with the cd within the DVD digipack is in the same case which is usually the set out of a gatefold Digipack. So the additional material has been packaged appropriately as it is all together and easy to look after. <br />The advantages of a Digipack to the audience is that they get extra material from the artist that they may not usually get in a jewel case CD. Also they are good for collectors as they are usually limited addition and a vital thing for a collector to have. Also the advantages for the industry would include things such as the fact they cost more money so the industry will then be getting more money from the audience and that is always a good thing for them. Also it is a good way for then to publicise there artist and make more people aware of them by giving them more information within a booklet or something of the same style.<br />