Samantha spurgeon powerpoint presentation


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Samantha spurgeon powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. { The Most Popular Game in the World!
  2. 2. Monopoly by DefinitionMonopoly is characterized by lack of competitionallowing that enterprise for business to have significantpower, that is, the power to charge high prices.AT&T and Microsoft were monopoly’s at one point.The Sherman Antitrust Act , passed in 1890, bannedtrust and monopolistic combinations that hammeredinterstate and international trade. This act acted like ahammer for the government, giving it the power toshatter big companies into smaller pieces.After this is when games were made to act as monopoly.
  3. 3. In 1903 Elizabeth Philipscreated a game called “TheLandlord’s Game”. Thisgame of buying and sellingland to get rich waspublished in 1906. From1906 until 1934 whenMonopoly was made byParker Brothers. Monopolywas published in 1935 andthough advanced over theyears it still exist.The Landlord’s Game
  4. 4. 1935 Edition 2000 Edition 2012 Edition
  5. 5. The newest version ofMonopoly called ElectronicBanking Monopoly wasreleased in the 21st Century.This game has all the sameconcepts of the originalversion only instead of havingto deal with money bills youcollect and give money onMonopoly Debit cards.
  6. 6. How is it Better?With all the time saving you have by just swipingyour cards you are able to enjoy the name of thegame. The cards make you feel more empowered asyou start out with 15 million on eachcard, Collecting two million as you pass go, and justtossing around millions of dollars. If I had to buy amonopoly game it would be Electronic BankingMonopoly it is faster with more ways to play andmore ways to win. It is also much easier to set-upand clean-up monopoly. No more having to organizeand count the paper money, now it is as simple asclearing your card and going about your day.
  7. 7. Finally! Monopoly setupand cleanup made simple!While this might at firstappear like a gimmick,Monopoly with electronicbanking makes, setup,cleanup and playing so mucheasier.No money to count out.Transactions are donethrough the well thought outbanking calculator.Its also a nice touch that themoney has been increasedto thousands and millions toaccount for inflation.Published on September 14,2007 by R. RuinskyI was so excited when Ifirst saw this toyadvertised! My husbandand I have a smallcollection of Monopolygames, so this seemedlike the perfect gift thisChristmas. We openedbefore Christmasthough- we just couldntwait! I really liked thatthe game was so muchless messy without allthe paper money.Published on December14, 2007 by E. DavisWe are all long timeMonopoly players andhad so much fun withthis modern version.My only twosuggestions for playingthis game are to havesomeone only be thebanker (because youwill be busy) and getready to have lots offun and laughs.Bysusan (La.)November 9, 2007
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