Samantha spurgeon monopoly powerpoint presentation


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Samantha spurgeon monopoly powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. {MonopolyThe Most Popular Game in the World!
  2. 2. Monopoly by DefinitionMonopoly is characterized by lack of competition allowing thatenterprise for business to have significant market power, thatis, the power to charge high prices.AT&T and Microsoft were monopolys at one point.The Sherman Antitrust act , passed in 1890, banned trust andmonopolistic combinations that hammered interstate andinternational trade. This act acted like a hammer for thegovernment, giving it the power to shatter big companies intosmaller pieces to suit its own needs.After this is when games were made to act as monopoly.
  3. 3. History Of MonopolyGameIn 1903 Elizabeth Phillipscreated game called the“The Landlord’s Game”. Thisgame of buying and sellingland to get rich waspublished in 1906. From 1906until 1934 when Monopolywas made by the ParkerBrothers. Monopoly waspublished in 1935 andthough developed over theyears it still exist.The Landlord’s Game
  4. 4. How Monopoly hasadvanced!1935 edition 2000 edition 2012 edition
  5. 5. Electronic BankingMonopolyThe newest version ofMonopoly called ElectronicBanking Monopoly wasreleased in the 21st Century.This game has all the sameconcepts of the originalversion only instead of havingto deal with money bills youcollect and give money onMonopoly Debit Cards.
  6. 6. Electronic BankingMonopoly Components• 2 dice• Community chest cards• Chance cards• One game board• Title deed cards• 32 Houses• 12 hotels• 6 tokens• 6 Monopoly DebitCards• One Banking Unit
  7. 7. How is it better?With all the time saving you have by just swipingyour cards you are able to really enjoy the nameof the game. The cards make you feel moreempowered as you start out with 15 Million oneach card, Collecting 2 million as you pass goand just tossing around Millions of dollars. If I hadto buy a monopoly game it would be electronicbanking monopoly its faster with more ways toplay and more ways to win. It is also so mucheasier to setup and clean up monopoly. No morehaving to organize and count the paper money,now its as simple as clearing your card and goingabout your day.
  8. 8. Customer ReviewsWhile this might at firstappear like a gimic,Monopoly withelectronic bankingmakes, setup, cleanupand playing so mucheasier.No money to count out.Transactions are donethrough the wellthought out bankingcalculator.Its also a nice touchthat the money hasbeen increased tothousands and millionsto account for inflation.Published on September14, 2007 by R. RuinskyThis game is great fun,everyone from my 8 yrold to the oldestteenager loves it. Withthe new bankingsystem the gamesmoves along muchfaster and the kids loveseeing their accountbalance go up. Greatfun for all!TodaysMonopoly, September14, 2007ByJacks Dad (USA)My son,13,and I reallyenjoy playingmonopoly.this versionwith its credit cardmakes for a new twistto and old game.5.0 out of 5stars worth using thecredit card, January22, 2009ByJulian EasterdayIII (tracys landingmd)
  9. 9. What game willyou play next?
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