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  1. 1. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) QUALITY MANAGEMENT CATEGORY : AQP, The Association for Quality and Participation, is an international not-for-profit membership association dedicated to improving workplaces through quality and participation practices. Founded in 1977(as the International Association of Quality Circles), AQP has helped countless individuals, organizations and communities establish a foundation for initiating change in the way they operate. AQP improves institutions, both large and small, by changing the way companies view their work, their relationships, their organizational structures and their communications. http://www.aqp.org/ ******************************************************************************************************************** The American Society for Quality (ASQ) has been the leading quality improvement organization in the United States for more than 50 years. Its members have initiated most of the quality methods used throughout the world, including statistical process control, quality cost measurement and control, total quality management, failure analysis, and zero defects. http://www.asq.org/ ******************************************************************************************************************** Based in Brussels, with members and valued National Partner Organisations (NPOs) in every important European region, EFQM helps European businesses make better products and deliver improved services through the effective use of leading edge management practices. EFQM is a not-for-profit membership foundation -- we are solely concerned with serving our members' information and networking needs. We manage and direct the prestigious European Quality Awards and levels of excellence and run training courses, workshops, work groups and special projects on many different types of business and quality improvement disciplines, tools and techniques. http://www.efqm.org KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  2. 2. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) Juran Institute provides a wide range of training, consulting services and products developed to improve an organization's business performance by focusing on improving and re-engineering the quality of goods, services, and processes. Juran Institute will provide you with a staff of professionals who have a broad base of knowledge and hands-on experience that is unparalleled in the field. http://www.juran.com/ ******************************************************************************************************************** The Balanced Scorecard Institute is an independent, nonprofit source of information about applications of the balanced scorecard approach to management in government and other nonprofit organizations. Mission : To provide web-based guidance, information and tools to government and nonprofit managers as they attempt to design and implement measurement-based management in state, local and federal government environments. To be a web clearinghouse for managers to exchange information, ideas and lessons learned in building strategic management systems using the balanced scorecard approach. http://www.balancedscorecard.org/ ******************************************************************************************************************** Integrated Quality Dynamics, Inc. is a Total Quality Management product publishing and consulting company. IQD helps lead the way into the global and innovating business communities by assisting every public and private organization implement of TQM. http://www.iqd.com/ KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  3. 3. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) CCQI, Center for Continuous Quality Improvement, is best known for its implementation strategy of continuous improvement, based on the work of W.Edwards Deming, Eli Goldratt and Stephen Covey. Organizations that develop an agreement with CCQI and its Affiliates receive education in the Methods of System Improvement. This education includes: the Process Model, leadership and management education, profound knowledge, team strategies, statistical process control, constraint management, the System Improvement Model and implementation strategies. At each step of the process CCQI is there to provide guidance for organizational transformation. http://www.ccqi.com/ ******************************************************************************************************************** The BPR Online Learning Center is a comprehensive directory and resource guide for business process reengineering and change management teams. The learning center offers an index of articles from around the world, an online tutorial series, benchmarking studies, yellow pages for BPR and change management resources and information on reengineering toolkits and templates for project teams. http://www.prosci.com/ ******************************************************************************************************************** KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  4. 4. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) The W. Edwards Deming Institute is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1993 by noted consultant Dr. W. Edwards Deming. The aim of the Institute is to foster understanding of The Deming System of Profound Knowledge to advance commerce, prosperity and peace. Participation in The W. Edwards Deming Institute means that we share Dr. Deming's vision of a better world. We participate because we strive, with joy, to carry on the work that he began. We seek to conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with his high moral and ethical standards, professional and personal integrity, and commitment to lifelong learning. We do this solely from our dedication to the philosophy and values of Dr. Deming and our belief that together, with humility, we can and will make a difference in the quality of life for everyone. http://www.deming.org/ ******************************************************************************************************************** From international vendors and subcontractors, to assembly workers on factory floors, successful businesses in today's global economy recognize that everyone involved in the production cycle is really a part of the same team. As an independent third-party quality and engineering consulting firm, Pro Q.C.International's goal is to function just like an extension of your own organization. We represent you and are not a trading company nor an advocate of any manufacturer or product. With nearly two decades of experience providing total quality solutions through Asia, Europe and the Americas, we've earned a solid reputation as a high-integrity provider of engineering services worldwide. http://www.proqc.com/index.shtml ******************************************************************************************************************** KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  5. 5. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) For more than 20 years, APQC, American Productivity & Quality Center, has remained steadfast in its mission of working with people and organizations to improve productivity and quality. http://www.apqc.org/ ******************************************************************************************************************** Financial Services and Banking Benchmarking Association is dedicated to the analysis and improvement of business processes in the brokerage, investment banking, insurance, commercial banking industry and related industries. Through the exchange of data gathered in benchmarking surveys, members will be able to benefit from the experience of many companies in the industry. Membership is open to individuals employed as permanent employees of companies in the brokerage, investment banking, insurance, commercial banking industry and related industries. http://www.fsbba.org/ ******************************************************************************************************************** The National Center for Creativity, Inc. (NCCI) is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Indianapolis. We originated in 1993 as a means of organizing and managing public seminars which provide techniques and concepts that help in creativity and innovative thinking in various business and civic settings. Those 1993 lectures, presented in partnership with the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, were highly successful with over 1,500 in attendance at our first seminar(featuring Dr. Edward de Bono). In the time since, the NCCI has conducted seminars on creativity for thousands of people from the fields of business, government, and education. http://www.creativesparks.org/ ******************************************************************************************************************** The Michigan Quality Council was formally created by business leaders and supported by Governor John Engler in November, 1993, to promote the adoption and development of Performance Excellence practices KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  6. 6. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) through: the Michigan Quality Leadership Award assessment process, training and education, and the sharing of the best practices defined by the criteria established by the Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award. http://www.michiganquality.org ******************************************************************************************************************** Kaizen Institute (KI) is a global management consulting company, recognized as the international leader in helping companies implement KAIZEN tools and strategies. KI's consulting services enable client's to secure a competitive advantage, within their own particular industry. Since our Founder, Masaaki Imai, introduced the word "KAIZEN" to the world in 1985, KAIZEN has become an extremely well known and widely-practiced management philosophy. KAIZEN is a Japanese word meaning gradual and orderly, continuous improvement. The KAIZEN business strategy involves everyone in an organization working together to make improvements 'without large capital investments'. http://www.kaizen-institute.com ******************************************************************************************************************** Philip Crosby Associates II provides a full service approach including needs assessment, education, and implementation consulting to assist client organizations to plan and implement Quality Improvement. The Objectives of the Quality Improvement Process are to make the client more successful, developing its management team, people, processes, and partners to better serve customers, improve products and services, and reduce the non-valued expense of error and waste. http://www.philipcrosby.com ******************************************************************************************************************** Total Quality Engineering Inc. (TQE) helps organizations become more effective by providing KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  7. 7. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) software and training that support the principles of Total Quality Management. TQE specializes in the Hoshin Kanri planning process and provides both PC and web-based software to help organizations achieve excellence in execution of their plans. Both in-house and web-based training are provided to get everyone up to speed quickly. In support of the Hoshin process, TQE also provides both in-house and web-based training in Process Management and Process Improvement using basic quality tools and Design of Experiments (DOE). http://www.tqe.com/ ************************************************************************************************* The Baldrige approach to performance excellence is one of American business’s secret weapons. It’s a key driver of economic strength, deeply entrenched in the business community. http://www.baldrigeplus.com/ ******************************************************************************************************************** The BMP Program is a unique industry and government cooperative technology transfer effort that improves the global competitiveness of the U.S. industrial base. The primary objective toward this goal is simple: to identify and validate best practices, document them, and then encourage industry, government, and academia to share information about them. By fostering the sharing of best practices, BMP has become a national resource in helping organizations benchmark with the best, learn from others’ attempts, and avoid costly and time-consuming duplication. http://www.bmpcoe.org ******************************************************************************************************************** Quality Plaza is established in 1995. It is the first quality related page in Hong Kong. It provides a free information source for issues including quality management, quality audit, ISO9000, ISO14000, TQM, KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  8. 8. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) BPR, benchmarking, poka-yoke, kaizen, certification bodies and general management. It also links a lot of valuable sites that are reviewed. http://www.qualityplaza.org ******************************************************************************************************************** The Society for Software Quality (SSQ) promotes increased knowledge and interest in the technology associated with the development and maintenance of quality software. Its charter is to advance the arts, sciences, and technologies of quality software and to nurture and promote professionalism in those who engage in these pursuits. http://www.ssq.org/ ******************************************************************************************************************** The QFD Institute was sanctioned in 1993 by Dr. Yoji Akao, QFD’s co- founder, to research and develop state-of-the-art methods, tools, and training. It is a non-profit organization that is by and large operated by volunteers. http://qfdi.org/ ******************************************************************************************************************** The British Quality Foundation is a not-for-profit membership organisation that promotes business excellence to private, public and voluntary sector organisations in the UK. There are currently nearly 2000 member organisations of all sizes who have joined since the Foundation began in late 1993. KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  9. 9. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) http://www.quality-foundation.co.uk ******************************************************************************************************************** The American Supplier Institute (ASI) was formed in May of 1981 to provide supplier training to the automotive industry. Dr. W. Edwards Deming provided the original material for supplier training and also served as the initial instructor for the Institute. http://www.amsup.com/ ******************************************************************************************************************** Quality Associates International Inc. is firmly committed to quality, excellence, superior business performance and continuous improvement. We deliver outstanding service and value to our clients through creative, innovative and intelligent hands-on consulting & engineering services for international firms in various industries. At Quality Associates, we don't believe in "good enough." We strive to give customers definitive insights on how to weave quality into the fabric of daily company activities. http://www.quality-one.com ******************************************************************************************************************** The European Organization for Quality, EOQ, is an autonomous, non-profit making association under Belgian law. KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  10. 10. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) The EOQ is the European interdisciplinary organization striving for effective improvement in the sphere of quality management as the coordinating body and catalyst of its Full Member Organizations (FMOs). The EOQ was established in 1956 and its present membership is comprised of 34 national European quality organizations, as well as institutions, companies and individuals from all over the world. http://www.eoq.org ******************************************************************************************************************** QSA is a nationally and internationally focussed business, providing information and recognition products and services to individuals who are involved in Quality Management, Organisation Improvement and Risk Management activities. Our certification and related products span a range of industry sectors and professional or functional roles. http://www.qsanet.com ******************************************************************************************************************** ManagementSystems has helped hundreds of successful companies understand the key building blocks of organizational success and make the transition from one stage of development to the next. Our clients range from entrepreneurial, privately-owned firms to the Fortune 500, and include companies of every imaginable size in-between. Founded in 1978, we have had over 20 years of hands-on experience in helping organizations continue to be successful. KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  11. 11. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) Our highly trained, experienced and creative consultatnts have put our ideas into practice all over the country. Because no two companies are alike, our first step is to learn about your organization, your management team, and your specific needs, using our pioneering, proprietary frameworks as a lens. http://www.mgtsystems.com/ ******************************************************************************************************************** Established in 1991, QualiSys Consultancy Services, which has it's head-office based in Singapore, was established by a group of professionals from various industrial and commercial background to provide management consultancy services to the various industries in the Asia-Pacific region. Ever since our establishment, QualiSys has been engaged by renowned companies, multinational companies, small and medium enterprises in a large span of industries including the electronics, telecommunications, logistics, energy, beverages and consumer goods industries. In addition, our services has been sought after in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, S. Korea, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam. http://www.qualisysgroup.com/ ******************************************************************************************************************** Lots of Quality info and links, from Bill Casti http://www.quality.org/ ******************************************************************************************************************** KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  12. 12. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) QUALITYCOACH.NET Our Store Specializes in: Quality and Productivity Improvement. We offer much more than books. http://www.qualitycoach.net/ ******************************************************************************************************************** Since 1991, the Quality Council of Alberta (QCA) has promoted the concepts of total quality to Albertans and aimed to make Alberta a quality province. Our vision for the future is "a society that is focused on quality, where Albertans give it, receive it, and quality of life prevails". The Council is a not-for-profit society that works with public, private, and not- for-profit organizations. Day to day, our activities are aimed at: increasing market awareness about quality, providing resources and programs that facilitate education and learning and working with organizations toward excellence. http://www.qca.org ******************************************************************************************************************** Decision Point Inc. has solutions to some of your most difficult information-gathering problems -- when the data you need is "in the heads" of your clients, your managers, your workers, or your constituents. DecisionPoint is the source for the Scaled Comparison process, a proprietary methodology that improves dramatically the accuracy of surveys and evaluations. It has proven especially effective in the performance appraisal of executives, managers and knowledge workers. http://www.decpoint.com ******************************************************************************************************************** Today's Quality Works, formerly known as Competitive Age Consulting (CAC), was established by Mark Kaganov in 1990. The company specializes in providing businesses with consulting services in the areas of implementation of quality management systems (QMS), optimization of manufacturing and service processes and design of custom software for medical device manufacturing and medical care service companies. KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  13. 13. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) http://www.quality-works.com ******************************************************************************************************************** Quality News Magazine http://www.qualitydigest.com ******************************************************************************************************************** A Quality Digest Marketplace and Information Community http://www.insidequality.com ******************************************************************************************************************** QPR develops reliable, benefits from day one, self-selling balanced scorecard and process management software products for global fast growing niche markets. Products are used to plan, implement, communicate and commit people on organizational strategies, objectives and business process improvement. Business is done together with high scope partner network with "QPR inside" - brand. QPR partner strategy scales up both vertically and horizontally supporting global growth. http://www.qpronline.com/ ******************************************************************************************************************** For more than twelve years, EXCEL Partnership has trained more than 200,000 people worldwide and provided specialized on- site training and consulting to hundreds of companies. Our mission has remained the same: to develop solutions to your most important business concerns and incorporate these solutions into functional systems. In helping businesses and individuals maximize KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  14. 14. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) efficiency, performance, and profitability, we have earned the reputation as the world leader in integrating business process improvement with international standards. The ideas and principles we stress in our consulting and training are those by which we live as a company. We have achieved and maintained registration to ISO 9001 for the design and delivery of our training courses, the first company of our type to accomplish this. http://www.xlp.com/ ******************************************************************************************************************** With over 20 years of experience of providing superior service with a wide variety of clients including those in the petrochemical, software, manufacturing, financial, government and banking fields, Organized Change has provided assessments, surveys, consultation and training, to many satisfied clients, including Aramco, Saudi Petrochemical Company (SADAF), Phelps-Dodge Mining, Goodyear, Union Bank and the UN High Commission for Refugees. The company’s founder and managing partner, David Chaudron, PhD has, in addition to helping his clients, written over 25 articles on organizational change, quality, reengineering, teambuilding, training, measurement and strategic planning. He is adjunct professor to United States International University, Chapman University and the University of California at San Diego. He has also been an invited speaker for four years at the International Training Center’s videoconference series on management, which is received by over 35,000 people at each event. http://www.tqm.organizedchange.com/ ******************************************************************************************************************** KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  15. 15. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) The Center for Quality of Management (CQM) is a non-profit organization operating internationally. The CQM was founded in 1989 by CEOs and senior executives from seven major New England companies who wanted to work together to study and implement cutting-edge management practices. CQM offers educational programs, advising services, research initiatives, and networking activities that build upon a foundation of TQM and address the three areas critical to long-term business success: planning, operations, and managing change. With over 100 member companies today, CQM now offers a wide range of services to both member and non-member organizations. With its founding office located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, CQM currently has chapters and affiliate organizations in the United States and Europe. http://www.cqm.org/ ******************************************************************************************************************** Quality Technology & Instruction is a small, full-service consulting firm in the field of information services. We offer the highest quality management consulting and training services available anywhere. This includes Total Quality Management (TQM) consulting, information technology consulting and training services to improve the effectiveness of your staff by harnessing technological change to meet the needs of your organization. We advise on the design of appropriate PC and network technology, train technical staff, and support you in the implementation of new technology. http://www.qualitytechnology.com/ ******************************************************************************************************************** The International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC) is dedicated to providing practical, detailed information through conferences held at both the national and international level. By providing accurate, objective and up-to-date developments and trends in various industries and government, IQPC enables organizations to KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  16. 16. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) remain competitive and profitable. IQPC recognizes the value of face-to-face forums, and strives to make each conference a valuable learning experience, allowing our attendees to receive a maximum return on investment. http://www.iqpc.co.uk ******************************************************************************************************************** www.reengineering.com was the online version of the Enterprise Reengineering publication before it closed it's doors in September, 1996. Some of the articles that were available can still be seen in the Library Archives. http://www.reengineering.com ******************************************************************************************************************** The Business Guide to Reengineering Books is a complete listing of reengineering books, handbooks and reference material for project teams and consultants. In addition to reengineering and change management books, we also feature books on best practices in customer service and human resources. http://www.reengineering.net/ ******************************************************************************************************************** Reengineering Forum The Reengineering Forum is an industry association to encourage combined industry/research review of the state of the art and the state of the practice in KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  17. 17. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) reengineering of software, systems, and business processes. It is a meeting place for key people in the reengineering and reverse engineering fields: developers, researchers, and leading-edge users. http://www.reengineer.org/ ******************************************************************************************************************** The Drucker Foundation will chart the future path for the social sector to become the equal partner of business and government in developing responsible leaders, caring citizens, and a healthy, inclusive society. The Foundation will bring the best leadership and management voices from across the world to people of the world with a focus on providing social sector organizations with the ideas and tools that enable them to better serve their customers and communities. http://www.pfdf.org/ ******************************************************************************************************************** “Father of modern management, social commentator, preeminent business philosopher, Peter F. Drucker has been writing about management for sixty years.” Harvard Business Review http://www.peter-drucker.com ******************************************************************************************************************** KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  18. 18. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) Since 1968, the Institute for the Future (IFTF) has helped members make sense out of complexity. With 34 years of experience, IFTF researchers are experts in forecasting and mapping critical technological, demographic, and business trends and analyzing their implications for our members. In essence, we make sense out of alternative futures that are important to society, to help organizations make better decisions in the present. http://www.iftf.org ******************************************************************************************************************** The World Future Society is an association of people interested in how social and technological developments are shaping the future. The Society was founded in 1966 and is chartered as a nonprofit educational and scientific organization in Washington, D.C., U.S.A. KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  19. 19. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) The Society strives to serve as a neutral clearinghouse for ideas about the future. Ideas about the future include forecasts, recommendations, and alternative scenarios. These ideas help people to anticipate what may happen in the next 5, 10, or more years ahead. When people can visualize a better future, then they can begin to create it. http://www.wfs.org/ ************************************************************************************************* CRM : A member-driven organization following the trends, techniques, technologies & processes that help companies build and sustain long-term client and partner relationships. Through meetings and events, we offer an education and networking environment for those seeking to strengthen ties with clients and business partners. http://www.crm-a.org ************************************************************************************************* CRMCommunity is your premier, community-oriented Web source for comprehensive, targeted information on evaluating, purchasing and implementing customer relationship management technology and solutions. http://www.crmcommunity.com ******************************************************************************************************************** Our goal at destinationCRM.com is to become the preferred Internet location for information, products, and services relevant to the CRM user marketplace. destinationCRM.com is dedicated to providing this KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  20. 20. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) pertinent information in a timely manner, thereby connecting decision makers and industry providers now and in the future. http://www.destinationcrm.com ******************************************************************************************************************** CRMGuru.com serves the world's largest CRM community with independent editorial, features, discussion, and products. http://www.crmguru.com ******************************************************************************************************************** searchCRM.com: the CRM-Specific Search Engine CRM strategy is critical, but did you know that 70% of CRM implementations fail? Just as important as the impact CRM has on your bottom line is wisely charting the course and managing the process that's going to take you there successfully. The IT professional has an especially critical role on the CRM project team for precisely this reason. And when it comes down to the "brass tacks" of CRM you want practical advice, solid information, and concrete examples of what's working and what's not. Enter SearchCRM.com! http://searchcrm.com ******************************************************************************************************************** CRMQuery is a discussion forum for CRM developers to interact and exchange solutions related with implementing and using Customer Relationship Management products, software and tools. http://www.crmquery.com ******************************************************************************************************************** The CRM-Forum is the pre-eminent independent on-line resource center for CRM professionals working in the business-consumer marketplace. It provides CRM professionals and companies involved in CRM on both the demand and KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ
  21. 21. SÜREKLİ İYİLEŞTİRME VE ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ(SİYAM) supply side of the industry with a place to keep up-to-date with CRM developments, and to, meet, discuss, and contact each other about CRM-related issues. http://www.crm-forum.com/ ******************************************************************************************************************** CRM Group is a consulting organization specialized in building sustainable and profitable customer relationships - win-win relationships that are more valuable for both our clients and their customers. Our obsession is to start with the end customers and to understand in depth their value creating process. By so doing, we help our clients find new ways to enable their customers to create even greater value for themselves. http://www.crmgroup.com ************************************************************************************************* KALİTE VE BİLGİ KAYNAKLARINA YÖNELİK İNGİLİZCE İÇERİKLİ İNTERNET SİTELERİ