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Schroders Private Bank Private Banking


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Schroders Private Bank Private Banking

  1. 1. Schroders Private Bank Private Banking
  2. 2. 2–3 Wealth Management Since 1804 Schroder & Co Bank AG is one of the leading In 2004, Schroders celebrates its 200th an- foreign banks in Switzerland. We offer wealthy niversary – including Switzerland where we private clients all the comprehensive and have been offering our services since 1967. individual solutions they need to reach their financial goals. As a subsidiary of Schroders We would like to show you why private banking plc, a global leader in asset management with at Schroders is so unique. Welcome to the head office in London and branches in all major world of Schroders Private Bank. financial markets, we benefit from our parent company’s know-how, experience and repu- tation. Our Swiss investment funds are highly valued by professional and private investors due to their superior performance. Schroders focuses exclusively on asset man- agement, thus avoiding potential conflicts of interest. For us, independence is not an empty phrase but a core value. This is also reflected in our structure: Schroders is very soundly cap- italised, and the founding family still retains a controlling interest in Schroders plc, the holding company. Since its establishment in 1804, Schroders has grown from a small merchant bank to one of the leading asset managers worldwide quoted on the stock-exchange and with more than CHF 230 billion (Euro 140 billion) under management.
  3. 3. Schroders Private Bank Switzerland is part of the Schroders Group, the global wealth management company with CHF 230 billion under management. This means that we have the flexibility and independence of a small investment boutique coupled with the international resources, experience and global perspective of our parent company of 200 years standing. It is this combination of local presence and global reach that makes Schroders Private Bank so unique. Flexibility
  4. 4. 4–5 Tailor-Made Each and every one of us has our own unmis- takable personality, individual needs, dreams and goals. As a private bank that is committed to indi- viduality we go beyond the conventional, because it takes more than standard financial offerings to achieve ambitious goals. At Schroders Private Bank we work to assemble a range of products and services that suits every personality – that is as complex, varied and di- verse as your own personal needs. Our products have sprung from professional minds and evolved from experience – a strong combination that will help you realise your very personal financial ob- jectives through truly individual solutions.
  5. 5. One key value that has marked our Group’s 200 years history is stability. We realise that long-term relationships are based on trust, and trust is built on openness, honesty and understanding. This has always been our creed. Discretion and security are equally valued attributes. In addition, responsibility is of the utmost importance since our suc- cess is unthinkable without your success. By incorporating and embracing these values we can deliver stability for investors over the long-term. Stability
  6. 6. 6–7 Independence At Schroders Private Bank you will miss one thing: conflict of interests. We focus exclusively on wealth management and offer neither commercial nor investment banking. Our approach is tailor-made and flexible, without imposing standard solutions. Instead, we pursue a policy of open architecture. And when selecting partners and products, only the best of breed is good enough for us.
  7. 7. Expertise At Schroders Private Bank, individual service and expertise means that you can expect more across a comprehensive range of finan- cial products and services. We would be happy to advise you on a wide range of finan- cial market instruments, including alternative products and our numerous award-winning investment funds. Our specialists can also offer professional support in the areas of wealth structuring (trusts and foundations), taxes, inheritance and art advisory. Whenever necessary, our independent status ensures that we can also draw on the experience of external specialists to complement our in-house expertise.
  8. 8. 8–9 Leading Advice Experienced, well-informed investors make their own investment decisions but are wise enough to realise the importance of working with a reliable partner. With the Schroders Private Bank you will have the guidance of ex- perienced professionals who will provide you with all the support you need for your decision making. Our advisory team welcomes this challenge.
  9. 9. Security Keeping up with the financial markets takes time and know-how – we understand that in- vestors do not always have the time to devote to following developments in the financial markets. Professional portfolio management according to Schroders Private Bank’s values is a solution that leaves nothing to be desired. We would be happy to show you how we put together the various building blocks of a successful investment strat- egy into an individual, flexible whole. If required, we also take care of the management of your assets at a third-party bank. This financial free- dom encompasses not only portfolio manage- ment, but also includes the granting of loans and guarantees. Our tailor-made solutions are based on the invest- ment strategy which we define together with our clients, our independent financial analysis and the experience of the entire Schroders Group to max- imise the security of investments.
  10. 10. 10 – 11 Dedication We dedicate all of our experience to your advant- age. Our investment decisions are guided by the investment strategy agreed with you. You are kept fully informed at all times and retain full power of disposal over your assets – you decide on the frequency of contact, being close at hand is important to us. Our advisors are always at your disposal and follow the ever changing trends on the financial markets with a close eye on your interests. Our reporting complies with your demands. This dedicated service is round- ed up by comprehensible and transparent fee structures. Whether we manage your entire portfolio or advise you in your investment de- cisions – we do it all with dedication.
  11. 11. Partnership If you also consider private banking to be a partnership, we should get to know each other. We do not just act as your private financial as- sistant but also as your provider of ideas and information – always working on your behalf for the attainment of your financial goals. This means being open and honest but it also means shaking things up if necessary – after all, both opportunities and risks must be balanced and rebalanced. Wealth management has al- ways been our business and with this in mind, a partnership with us can ensure we achieve our common goal of investment success.
  12. 12. Schroders Milestones 1804 Johann Heinrich Schröder from Hamburg became a partner in his brother’s London based merchant company. 1850s – 1860s J. Henry Schröder & Co. evolved from an anglo-german merchant company to a renowned merchant bank. 1870 Schroders introduced the Japanese Government’s first foreign loan to the London Market. 1923 J. Henry Schröder Banking Corporation, known as Schrobanco, was launched and traded on Wall Street. 1957 The name of J. Henry Schröder & Co. was anglicised and the partnership was converted into a private company. 1959 Schroders became a quoted public company and was listed on the London Stock Exchange. Helmut Schroder was Chairman until 1965. 1960s – 1970s Schroders developed a presence in each of the major financial markets of the world. Subsidiary and associated companies were established to undertake investment banking activities in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and other Continental European countries. 1962 Schroders merged with Helbert, Wagg & Co., a stock broking firm founded in 1823, which specialised in issues for domestic clients and contributed greatly to the development of the investment advisory side. 1986 Schroders acquired a 50% interest in Wertheim & Co. Inc., a leading New York investment bank and securities firm and Schrobanco was sold to the Industrial Bank of Japan. 1994 Schroders acquired the remaining 50% of Wertheim which it later renamed Schroder & Co. Inc. 2000 Schroders sold its investment banking business to Salomon Smith Barney. Asset management and related businesses now comprise the whole of Schroders plc’s business. 2001 Schroders acquired Beaumont, an absolute return asset management business, focussing on high net worth individuals, family offices and professional investors. 2004 Schroders plc celebrates 200 years history.
  13. 13. Comprehensive Wealth Management Advisory services Discretionary management Loans and financing Trust and foundation services Art consulting Custody and execution services Schroder & Co Bank AG Schroder & Co Banque SA Central 2 8, rue d’Italie P.O. Box 1820 P.O. Box 3655 CH-8021 Zurich CH-1211 Geneva 3 Telephone +41 (0)1 250 11 11 Telephone +41 (0)22 310 26 26 Telefax +41 (0)1 250 13 12 Telefax +41 (0)22 311 70 44 E-mail: E-mail: