Russian banks and the credit crisis


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Russian banks and the credit crisis

  1. 1. Russian banks and the credit crisis Bob Kommers 7 495 933 9223
  2. 2. Deutsche Bank The Russian banking sector and the credit crisis Loan growth – robust so far Private sector loans (growth in %) Increasing credit demand   Strong economic growth spurs fast investment growth and credit demand from households.   Russian companies struggle to refinance expiring foreign debt Source: CBR Deposit growth and loans-to-deposits, Q1 2005-Q2 2008, % A well-funded Russian banking sector   The sector is largely deposit-funded   Deposit growth has remained strong, fueled by a strong domestic economy and (still) high commodity prices   Deposit growth still running at c45%, almost at par with the accelerated loan growth   Increased financial intermediation by banks Source: CBR · · page 2
  3. 3. Deutsche Bank Third quarter – when the problems really started Slumping markets, capital outflows Sensitivity of Russia’s market to global factors   Mechel and TNK-BP case   South Ossetia conflict   Tensions with the West   Spread of the international banking crisis   Oil price decline   Margin calls lead to a forced de-leveraging of Source: Bloomberg local equity and bond markets Net capital flows (USD bn) vs. RTS index performance   Banks and companies alike sit tight and hold on to cash   Local inter-bank market frozen Source: CBR, Bloomberg · · page 3
  4. 4. Deutsche Bank What are the bigger concerns? Repayments of foreign debt, total (USD bn) Upcoming repayments on foreign debt   USD45bn comes due in 4Q 2008 and another USD85bn in 2009   Banks also have significant refinancing needs   This is now a headache for the government because of the capital outflows and the disarray in credit markets Source: CBR Repayments of foreign debt, banks (USD bn) Deposit growth slows down   Rising inflation reduces the propensity to save   Deposit rates do not to keep up with rising inflation.   Rates have turned significantly negative in real terms   and… will the ruble hold? Source: CBR · · page 4
  5. 5. Government / CBR provide funding and capital A total USD180bn support package Measure in USD bn including: 4pp

   Near-term liquidity support for the banking sector   Long-term funding for companies and the Additional
 leading banks   Additional measures aimed at defrosting the Capital
 system by a guarantee on unsecured loans on banks
 the inter-bank market… Allocation
   An increase in the deposit insurance to bolster to

 public confidence in the banking system Additional
 Source: Deutsche Bank · · page 5
  6. 6. What gives us confidence is: Loans to GDP by country, 2008E Russia in still under-leveraged   Low penetration of private sector loans, retail lending in particular   The average Russian household has borrowed a mere USD3,000 from banks Source: Deutsche Bank Impact on total CAR of a 5% loan impairment Russian banks are well-capitalized   The Tier 1 ratio’s of the leading banks are 10% or higher   Relatively small securities exposures   The biggest risk is a substantial deterioration in credit quality Source: Deutsche Bank · · page 6
  7. 7. Deutsche Bank Leading banks win market share Leading banks’ retail deposit trends, Sept ‘08 1/9/2008 1/10/2008 % change chng (RUR bn) Sberbank 2977 2990   Significant rise in funding costs puts privately- 0.4% 13.0 VTB 198 211 6.6% 13.0 owned Russian banks at a competitive Bank of Moscow 103.0 98.7 -4.2% -4.3 Rosbank 116.5 99.5 -14.6% -17.0 disadvantage Raiffeisen 114.9 108.4 -5.7% -6.5 Gazprombank 96.9 94.0 -3.0% -2.9 Uralsib 75.5 72.6 -3.8% -2.9 Alfa Bank 76.9 74.0 -3.8% -2.9   Flight to safety in deposits is underway Vozrozhdenie 56.3 54.7 -2.8% -1.6 Total excl Sberbank and 640 602 -6.0% -38 VTB Total 3815 3803 -0.3% -12   Government support is mainly targeted at the Source: CBR biggest banks. Bond spreads development May-07 to Oct-08   CBR agenda is to use the crisis for sector consolidation, yet ensuring stability of the system   Still over 1,000 banks in Russia, and this number will go down substantially · · page 7 Source: CBonds
  8. 8. Deutsche Bank Concluding remarks   The Russian economy and the banking sector are facing liquidity problems   This will lead to a temporary slowdown in economic growth   Implementation of the government and CBR package brings ample funding   Banking sector and macro fundamentals are solid   Once funds are put to work again, growth in the economy and the banking sector should recover   The medium-term outlook for Russia and the banks remains positive · · page 8
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