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Place Client Logo Here Oil Market Outlook

  1. 1. Oil Market Outlook Paul Horsnell Head of Commodities Research, Barclays Capital Intertanko Singapore Tanker Event 30 March 2006
  2. 2. The key questions remain at the back end WTI forward curve $/b
  3. 3. Key non-OPEC producers are leaving a gap ... US output mb/d UK output mb/d monthly and 12-month average monthly and 12-month average
  4. 4. ...producing the worst output growth for decades Non-OPEC growth (outside FSU) mb/d
  5. 5. Call on OPEC still increasing Y/Y Y/Y demand growth- non-OPEC growth mb/d
  6. 6. OPEC needing to increase output quickly Output of key OPEC members, mb/d
  7. 7. Y/Y OPEC growth Y/Y change in OPEC output, mb/d
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