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  1. 1. OPERATIONS MANUAL # 3 U.S. ARMY BANKING AND INVESTMENT FUND CASH MANAGEMENT SERVICES FOR NAF Operations NAF Financial Services Vendor Pay NAF Financial Services Payroll DA Recreation Machine Korea MWR and Lodging USMA Corps of Cadet Gift USMA Cadet Mess USMA Cadet USMA Cadet Activity Shades of Green Hale Koa Hotel Dragon Hill Lodge Edelweiss Lodge and Resort USARJ Morale Support Zama Lodging Central, Pacific and European Stars and Stripes Updated Publication: May 2009
  2. 2. Table of Contents Page A. Overview 3 B. Point of Contact Information 4 C. Signature Cards 5 D. Set-Up or Changes in Local Depository Banks 6 E. Account Address and/or Point of Contact Changes 7 F. Electronic Transfers 8 G. Bank Information For Electronic Vendor Payments 9 H. Stop Payments 10 I. Check Stock Order 11 J. Stop Payment Request Form 12 K. Authorization to Upstream From Local Bank Account 13 L. Change in Local Depository Bank – Sample Letter 14 M. Authorization to Change Upstreaming 15 N. Outgoing Electronic Transfer Request Form 16 O. In-House Transfer Form 17 2
  3. 3. P. Frequently Asked Questions 18 A. Overview 1. The Army Banking and Investment Fund (ABIF) is a pooled fund. Wachovia, a Wells Fargo Company and the cash management processor for the ABIF, concentrates funds generated at the Garrisons, posts checks and processes electronic payments. At the end of the day, after credits and debits have been posted, remaining funds are invested in U.S. Government or U.S. Government- backed obligations. 2. This Operations Manual provides guidance for the following participants in the ABIF: a. You have an ABIF account. b. You have a Wachovia Bank Demand Deposit Account (DDA) for all your bank processing needs. If you issue many and/or high dollar volume checks you also have a Controlled Disbursement Account (CDA). Controlled disbursement is a bank service that provides the same-day clearing totals for checks presented to the controlled disbursement account(s) by mid-morning. c. Your Wachovia accounts bear the name of the account activity. d. You receive a monthly memorandum balances statement from the Army Banking and Investment Office (ABIO) and also monthly bank statements from Wachovia for the DDA and the CDA (if applicable.) The Wachovia bank statements provide you with daily, itemized information of all your Wachovia transactions for the month. The ABIF statement will show In-Army transactions, net daily transactions at Wachovia, and your account balance with the ABIF. 3
  4. 4. 3. The ABIF account number is listed on top of your monthly memorandum balances statement. Please always have this number available when calling the ABIO. 4. If you have any banking related questions, please, always contact the Army Banking and investment Office at DSN 761-7294/7295 or (703) 681-7294/7295. You may also e-mail requests for banking services to the ABIO personnel listed on page 4. 5. Do not contact Wachovia Bank. 4
  5. 5. B. DIRECTORY OF KEY CASH MANAGEMENT PERSONNEL US ARMY BANKING OFFICE Senior Banking Officer (703) 681-7294 (DSN 761) Banking Officer (703) 681-7295 Treasury Operations Manager (703) 681-7304 Chief, Banking & Investment (703) 681-7293 Mailing Address: Department of the Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command 4700 King Street Attn: IMWR-FMB Alexandria, VA 22302-4406 Fax: (703) 681-7348 DSN 761-7348 5
  6. 6. Note: If you are calling during non-business hours, please dial DSN 761-7295, or commercial (703) 681-7295 and leave a voice mail message. C. SIGNATURE CARDS Blank signature cards may be requested from the ABIO. Do not contact Wachovia Bank. Original signature cards for your Wachovia accounts must be mailed to: Department of the Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command 4700 King Street Attn: IMWR-FMB Alexandria, VA 22302-4406 Be sure you retain a photocopy of the completed signature card(s) for your files. If you are adding an authorized signer to your account(s), and no other changes are being made (no current signers are being deleted) you may submit a card with only the signature of the new authorized signer. Please cover the card with a note indicating that this is an addition, not a replacement card. 6
  7. 7. D. SET-UP or CHANGES IN LOCAL NAFI DEPOSITORY BANKS The ABIO needs to be notified in writing if you want to set up a new local bank account to automatically move funds from your local bank to your Wachovia account or if you need to make changes to your local depository bank information. Funds from your local bank(s) to your Wachovia account are upstreamed automatically. To set up the relationship for electronic funds transfer between the accounts, please complete the form “Authorization to Upstream From Local Bank Account” (page 13.) When changing local bank information, you will need to complete two required forms: 1. Changes in Local Depository Bank letter. Refer to page 14 of this manual. 2. Authorization to Change Upstreaming From Local Depository Bank Account, see page 15. Be sure to contact the ABIO well ahead of time when you change local banks, or when your local bank account information changes. It will be several days before the new set-up or any changes can be completed by the data collection service that manages the deposit concentration. 7
  8. 8. E. ACCOUNT ADDRESS and/or POINT OF CONTACT CHANGES Changes in your statement address and/or point of contacts need to be submitted to the ABIO. You need to send to the ABIO a letter on your official letterhead documenting your change in the account statement address. The letter should include the following information: 1. ABIF Account number (a five digit number you can find on the top of your monthly statement) 2. Wachovia Account number(s) 3. Account title 4. New statement mailing address 5. POC, telephone and fax number 6. Point of Contact (name, phone number, e-mail) F. ELECTRONIC TRANSFERS 8
  9. 9. To initiate funds transfers from your Wachovia account to another bank, you must complete an Electronic Transfer Initiation Form and e-mail or fax it to the ABIO. See page 4 for contact information. The appropriate form for this transaction is on page 16. To initiate an In-House funds transfer (a transfer between ABIF accounts) please complete the IN-HOUSE Transfer Request Form on page 17. Please note: The ABIO will only initiate an individual electronic transfer after receipt of a completed and signed Electronic Transfer Initiation Form from the requesting ABIF participant. If you have any questions, please contact the ABIO at DSN 761-7295 or (703) 681-7295. 9
  10. 10. G. BANK INFORMATION FOR ELECTRONIC VENDOR PAYMENTS If you want to receive vendor payments electronically, please contact the ABIF office for banking information: 703-681-7295. The banking information provided by the ABIF Office should also be used when registering to receive U.S. Government payments. The website for the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) is: http://www.ccr.gov/ 10
  11. 11. H. STOP PAYMENTS The reasons for placing a stop payment on a check can include the check becoming lost, inadvertently duplicated, issued for an incorrect amount, etc. Stop payment placements are costly. Therefore, the ABIO will not place stop payments on checks issued for less than $25.00. The ABIO will place a stop payment on a check drawn against your Wachovia account. If the check has not already been presented to Wachovia and cleared your account, Wachovia will issue a "stop" that will prevent your account from being debited if and when the check is presented for payment. Before sending a Stop Payment Request, please review all bank statements subsequent to check issue date to verify that the check in question has not already been presented and paid. You may fax or e-mail the stop payment request – see contact information on page 4. We recommend that you use the Stop Payment Request form on page 12. If e- mailing is preferred, please include the following information: a. Your name, phone and fax number and e-mail if applicable. b. Wachovia account number on which the check(s) is drawn. c. Check serial number d. Dollar amount of check e. Payee f. Reason for the Stop Payment request The ABIO will fax or e-mail you a confirmation of the stop placement. If you wish to place a stop payment on a consecutive series of checks, (for example, if a box of checks is lost) you may place a range stop payment. When you submit your request, you need to submit the first and last check number in the series. Please note: If the check in question is over 45 days old - although Wachovia will process the stop payment request - they will not be liable for checks that have already cleared your account. Stop payment requests expire after two years, unless you requested a longer period. If you require an extension of your stop payment beyond two years, you must make another stop payment request two weeks prior to the stop expiration date. 11
  12. 12. I. CHECK STOCK ORDER To order or re-order check stock, fax or mail your order to: Department of the Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command 4700 King Street Attn: IMWR-FMB Alexandria, VA 22302-4406 Fax: DSN 761-7348 Commercial (703) 681-7348 Include a marked-up voided check, if there are any changes in printing from your last order. Your request should have the following information: 1. Your account number 2. Your account title 3. Beginning check serial number 4. Quantity requested 5. Your mailing address 6. Account title and check heading information 7. Special requests (i.e., color, pin fed, etc.) 8. Point of contact, telephone number and e-mail J. STOP PAYMENT REQUEST FORM 12
  13. 13. Date:____________________________ Fax to: US ARMY BANKING OFFICE Fax number: DSN 761-7348 or (703) 681-7348 From:___________________________________________________________ Fax number: _________________________________________ Phone number:_______________________________________ e-mail: ______________________________________________ Stop Payment Check Information: Account number:______________________________________ Check number:________________________________________ Amount:_____________________________________________ (must be more than $25.00) Payee:______________________________________________ Issue date:___________________________________________ Reason: _____________________________________________ Authorized Signer:____________________________________ (please sign) 13
  14. 14. K. AUTHORIZATION TO UPSTREAM FROM LOCAL BANK ACCOUNT Name of Account Holder__________________________________________ Local Bank ABA (TransRouting) Number:______________________________ Local Bank Account Number:_______________________________________ Local Bank Name:_______________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Local Bank Point of Contact and Phone Number:_______________________________________________________ Target Balance:________________________ Amount:______________________________ Threshold Amount (if not $20.00)Amount:_______________________________ Authorized Signer: _________________________________________________ Tel. #: __________________ Please copy this form for each local bank account, complete and FAX or email to the ABIO. See page 4 for contact information. 14
  15. 15. L. CHANGE IN LOCAL DEPOSITORY BANK --- SAMPLE LETTER (on your official letterhead) Today's Date Department of the Army Banking and Investment Office ATTN: FMWRC-FM-B 4700 King Street Alexandria, Virginia 22302-4406 RE: Account Holder_______________________________________ ABIF Account Number:_________________________________ Wachovia Account Number (if applicable):__________________ Account Title_________________________________________ With this writing we hereby authorize and instruct you to record a new depository institution for this location. Please see the attached Authorization to Change Local Depository Account (use appropriate form from the attachment) that provides details on the new account for your records. If you need any further information, please call. Your name:___________________________________ Your title_____________________________________ Your phone number_____________________________ Enclosure (mail to the ABIO for approval) 15
  16. 16. M. AUTHORIZATION TO CHANGE UPSTREAMING FROM LOCAL BANK ACCOUNT Name of Account: ______________________________________________ Please change/delete (circle one) Local Bank ABA (Transrouting) Number:_____________________________ Local Bank Account Number:______________________________________ Local Bank Name:_______________________________________________ Bank Address:__________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Local Bank Point of Contact and Phone Number:_________________________________________________ Target Balance:____________________ Amount:__________________________ Threshold Amount (if not $20.00)Amount:_____________________________ Authorized Signer: ______________________________________________ Tel. #: __________________ e-mail:________________________________________________________ Please copy this form for each local bank account, complete and FAX or e-mail to the ABIO. See page 4 for contact information. N. OUTGOING ELECTRONIC TRANSFER REQUEST FORM 16
  17. 17. Date: ____________________________ From:__________________________________________________________ Fax number:_____________________________________________________ Phone number:___________________________________________________ e-mail:__________________________________________________________ ELECTRONIC TRANSFER INFORMATION: 1. Your name (individual making request)_______________________________ 2. Debit Wachovia account number:_________________________ 3. Dollar amount of transfer:________________________________________ 4. Beneficiary name: _____________________________________________ 5. Beneficiary’s bank name and ABA number:__________________________ 6. Beneficiary’s bank account number:________________________________ 7. Detail to include with payment:____________________________________ Authorized signer:_________________________________________________ (signature of person authorizing request) 17
  18. 18. O. REQUEST FOR AN ELECTRONIC TRANSFER BETWEEN ABIF ACCOUNTS (IN-HOUSE TRANSFER) Date: ____________________________ From:__________________________________________________________ Point of Contact:__________________________________________________ Fax number:_____________________________________________________ Phone number:___________________________________________________ ELECTRONIC TRANSFER INFORMATION: TO ABIF #______________________ Name of Account:_______________________________________________ FROM ABIF#____________________ Name of Account:_______________________________________________ Amount:___________________________ Date of Transfer:____________________ Description:_____________________________________________________ Authorized signer:________________________________________________ 18
  19. 19. P. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. We have a change in authorized signers. How do we obtain signature cards? Answer: For all your banking needs, including signature card updates, please always call the Army Banking and Investment Fund office. Contact information is on page 4. 2. I need new checks/deposit tickets. Who will order them and how much do they cost? Answer: Checks three to a page and deposit tickets are free of charge as long as the order is placed through the ABIO (see page 4 for contact information.) 3. How can I obtain a copy of last month’s ABIF statement? Answer: The ABIO will be happy to e-mail, fax or mail copies. 4. I did not receive my cancelled checks last month. Can I get copies of all missing cancelled checks? Answer: Banking regulations require banks to keep copies of all cancelled checks for 7 years. Unfortunately it can be costly to request images of all checks. Therefore, the ABIO will only ask Wachovia to provide an image of a paid check if there is a dispute about a specific check. The most common discrepancy occurs in issued versus cleared amounts. Please contact the ABIO for assistance (see page 4 for contact information) 5. How often do we need to submit signature cards? Answer: Signature cards should be reviewed periodically to ensure that they list all current authorized signers. If an update is needed, please contact the ABIO to obtain the blank signature card(s). Authorized signers on the account(s) need to sign and date the signature card(s) and mail to the ABIO (see mailing address on page 4.) The bank will not accept faxed copies – all signatures must be originals. 6. My checks and deposit tickets say “First Union Bank” instead of ‘Wachovia Bank”. Should I destroy them and place new orders? Answer: No, please do not destroy the checks and deposit tickets. They are still valid. When First Union Bank merged with Wachovia Bank in early 2000, the name of the bank changed to Wachovia Bank but the MICR line (on the bottom of the checks and deposit tickets) that contains the ABA number and the account number previously used at First Union Bank remained the same. 19