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  1. 1. CPM Group CPM Group 30 Broad Street 37th Floor New York, NY 10004 Phone: 212-785-8320 Fax: 212-785-8325 E-mail:
  2. 2. CPM GROUP CPM Group is the world's premier precious metals and commodities research and consulting company. CPM Group provides a suite of research and consulting services related to the financial management of commodities exposure. CPM Group’s services are divided into five groups: Research Consulting Commodities Management Asset Management Investment Banking CPM Group, founded in 1986 via a management buyout of the Commodities Research Group of Goldman Sachs, has extensive experience in commodities research, trading, banking, and financing. CPM Group is a member of the National Futures Association and a registered CTA/CPO under the guidelines of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. CPM Group is independent of all miners, fabricators, bullion banks, and other companies that have commercial positions, allowing for a completely unbiased view of the markets. Expertise and independence have earned CPM Group the reputation of being the ultimate trusted authority in the metals and commodities markets. CPM Group’s founder and Managing Director, Jeffrey M. Christian, is known as one of the most informed authorities on the precious metals markets. CPM Group is comprised of experts in precious metals, base metals, and other commodities markets, economic and econometric analyses of commodities, and financial engineering – the use of derivatives to structure advantageous hedging and investment instruments. 2 CPM Group
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Research Driven Financial Services …………….…………………………… 4 Commodities Research …………………….………………………………… 5 Commodity Price Projections …………..……………………………….. 7 Research Relationships …………………..……………………………… 8 Consulting ………………………………………….………………………… 9 Commodities Management ………………………………………………… 10 Investment Banking ………………………………………………………… 11 Asset Management …………………………………………………………. 13 For information purposes only. CPM Group is not soliciting any action based on the information contained in this document. CPM Group
  4. 4. RESEARCH DRIVEN FINANCIAL SERVICES Producers Development Stage Consumers Companies Investment Consulting Banking Refiners Producers Smelters Refiners • Corporate financial •Short to long term advisory advisory services Financial Institutions • Risk management •Independent market consulting services Institutional • Debt and equity Investors fund raising services • Open consulting access to analysts on Hedge Funds Commodities exchange traded Research commodities and Private Clients specialty metals. Governments • Weekly Report International • Monthly Advisories Organizations • Annual Precious Metals Yearbooks Producers Institutional Commodities Asset Investors •Annual Precious Consumers Management Metals Long-Term Management Studies Hedge Funds Institutional Investors Private Clients • Principal advisor •Special Studies •CPM Fund and hedging manager International •Client Specific •Managed Accounts Organizations Research • Advisor to help management teams •Non-Exchange Governments choose or execute Traded Metals their actions Management •A strategic advisor, managing hedging on an ongoing basis 4 CPM Group
  6. 6. COMMODITIES RESEARCH (CONT.) Client Specific Reports Special Studies CPM Group produces reports for individual CPM Group produces special studies on non- clients’ internal and external distribution and exchange traded metals. These reports contain use. CPM Group's work has appeared in ten year projections for supply, demand, and reports produced by the World Bank and the prices and are use by mining companies and International Monetary Fund, as well as in the investors looking to obtain comprehensive annual reports of various mining companies, research, data, and analysis on these markets. refiners, investment banks, brokerage Topics of recent and past reports include: companies, metals dealers, and others. Client specific research includes the following. Molybdenum Rhodium Vanadium Ruthenium The Long-Term Sustainability of Recent Tungsten Iridium Commodity Price Strength Titanium Niobium Gold, Silver, and Platinum Group Metals Lithium Uranium Production Costs Cobalt Diamonds The Outlook for Base and Precious Metals Indium Tellurium Comparative Currency Volatilities Rhenium Tantalum Sourcing Finished Nickel Econometric Analysis of Precious Metals Markets Fuel Cells Central Bank Gold Valuation Methods Precious Metals As Competing Assets Gold's Purchasing Power 6 CPM Group
  7. 7. COMMODITY PRICE PROJECTIONS CPM Group’s reports contain price projections, ranging from weekly to more than ten years forward. 2-Year More than 1-Week 1-Month 3-Month 1-Year Qtly. Avg. 10 Years 10 Years Weekly Report Monthly Advisories Yearbooks Long Term Outlooks Special Studies Short term Short and medium term trading Budgeting Feasibility studies trading and investing Strategic planning Market timing Offering documents Investment valuation 7 CPM Group
  8. 8. RESEARCH RELATIONSHIPS CPM Group offers clients the ability to choose between three unique service packages or tailor a custom package to a client’s specific needs and requirements. Precious and Commodities Outsourced Base Metals Research and Commodities Research Consulting Research Weekly Commodities Views: Monthly Precious Metals Advisory: Monthly Base Metals Advisory: Monthly Soft Commodities Advisory: Precious Metals Yearbooks Precious Metals Long-Term Outlooks: Special Studies: Client Specific Research: Open Consulting Access: Access to Deal Flow: Data Access: 8 CPM Group
  9. 9. CONSULTING CPM Group provides consulting services designed to meet a need for information, investment, and trading decisions related to commodities. MARKET CONSULTANT FINANCIAL CONSULTANT ANALYST CPM Group provides a range of CPM Group works with corporate Clients also utilize CPM Group’s consulting services to and investment clients to help expertise in assessing business corporations with large financial them better understand the metals plans as well as our exposures to commodities. For and commodities markets. This comprehensive understanding of example, CPM Group works allows for institutions to make the technical and financial with mining companies by decisions based on comprehensive workings that are required to providing detailed market and unbiased information. Clients make sound investment decisions studies including commodity benefit from dialogue with CPM in exploration or production price projections for inclusion in Group analysts that allow them to companies. offering documents. unlock the complexities of the markets. PRESENTATIONS Clients retain CPM Group analysts to give public and private presentations to industry groups, institutional investors, private clients, hedge funds, corporate management teams, and boards of directors. 9 CPM Group
  10. 10. COMMODITIES MANAGEMENT CPM Group works with producers, consumers, institutional investors, governments, and international organizations to manage commodity price risks. Our independence affords clients an unbiased assessment of hedging structures and terms. Participatory Options 35 Spot Sales HEDGING MANAGER 30 Participatory Options 25 Analyze a company’s commodity price risk. 20 Revenue 15 Structure and execute strategies to manage price risks. 10 Use hedging to optimize financial leverage. 5 0 Provide price protection while preserving exposure to 0 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 higher prices for producers, or lower prices for consumers. Prices CPM Group structures alternative strategies such as Analyze and modify existing hedge books. participatory options which present effective solutions that protect end users or producers from negative revenue or cost exposures and credit risks while still allowing for MATERIALS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT participation in favorable price movements. Solve complex problems related to commodity price risks. Typical Revenue Profile and Credit Exposure Evaluate proposals presented by counterparties. 30 Spot Sales 25 Act as agent to maintain anonymity and obtain optimal 20 Forwards price discovery. Revenue 15 10 ONGOING PROCESS 5 0 Offer advice on an ongoing basis. 0 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 Prices Train and educate company professionals on mechanics of A traditional revenue stream can be turned into a more hedging. dynamic and effective revenue profile than traditionally Provide research and analyst market opinions. available, most importantly while simultaneously reducing credit exposure. 10 CPM Group
  11. 11. INVESTMENT BANKING Investment Banking Services Tailored to Commodity Sector BACKGROUND APPROACH Provide corporate financial advisory, risk Vest control of the financing process with the management, and fund raising services to client and truncate the financing timeline. companies that produce and consume Leverage our team’s experience at major commodities. financial institutions to develop offering Industry experts advise companies on how to materials that translate feasibility level approach their financial development needs technical information into a digestible format with innovative solutions. for investors. Services are delivered without limiting clients Deliver the marketplace a “fully baked” to a specific financial institution, an transaction that creates an auction process important distinction between CPM Group among capital providers. and investment banks. Instill confidence in financing sources to offer their best terms. 11 CPM Group
  12. 12. INVESTMENT BANKING (CONT.) RESOURCES Senior level industry professionals manage the relationships with our investment banking clients, are involved in day-to-day execution of the investment banking advisory program, and provide unlimited access to client management teams. Global network of financing sources among institutional investors and the capital markets. Access to CPM Group’s research across metals and other related commodity markets. Investment Banking Incorporate independent long-term price projections in financial models and transaction offering documents CPM Research Client Conducts long-term Obtains a project studies of metals markets, valuation supported by projecting supply, comprehensive demand, and prices ten or independent market more years forward analysis 12 CPM Group
  13. 13. ASSET MANAGEMENT MANAGED ACCOUNTS NON-EXCHANGE TRADED METALS MANAGEMENT CPM offers discretionary managed accounts, in CPM Group manages accounts consisting of but not which our professionals manage investments in limited to off-exchange metals for clients. Services accordance with the market views and direction of include, but are not necessarily limited to: our experienced research analysts. In addition to investments in structured products, futures, and Conducting comprehensive studies of off-exchange options, CPM invests in natural resource oriented metals, assessing opportunities for investment. equities. Arranging and maintaining secure and confidential FUNDS storage of the metal. CPM Group also will manage funds for individual or Arranging and maintaining insurance, accounting, groups of investor clients. CPM Group presently and auditing of the metal. manages some specialty funds as sub-advisors to institutional and high net worth individual investors. Purchasing, storing, selling, and leasing metal. CPM also is moving toward starting a CPM Fund, which would be a long-short commodities hedge fund investing in a range of commodities oriented assets across a wide time horizon. 13 CPM Group
  14. 14. YEARBOOK SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM The CPM Yearbooks have been published since the early 1970’s, independently since 1986. The Yearbooks are now published by John Wiley & Sons. DISTRIBUTION More than 1,000 copies of each Yearbook are distributed annually throughout the world. The Yearbooks are distributed via bookstores and online on and CPM Group also mails a copy of each Yearbook directly to hundreds of institutional investors in the natural resource sector, analysts, and asset managers at major global financial institutions as well as every central bank February throughout the world. SPONSORSHIP BENEFITS • Your company’s name on the cover and corporate profile inside of the Yearbook. • Complimentary Yearbook copies. • Exposure to retail investors on and other precious metals websites as well as in a full page color advertisement in Commodities Now magazine April published in London. • Access to use CPM Group’s data, charts, and tables for your company’s website or presentations. • Invitation to your company and guests on your behalf to attend a market briefing and Yearbook release in New York. • Preferred client rates on all of CPM Group’s research and consulting services. June CPM Group