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  1. 1. FINANCE 101
  2. 2. What is Finance? Finance focuses on all aspects of money management, which include investment, collection, disbursement, borrowing, and fund-raising. Preparation of financial reports, tax and regulatory requirements, cash flow, investments, and development of information (to assess the financial status of an organization) is also a focus within the financial realm. A degree in finance will also prepare you to understand and reason through a wide spectrum of fundamental financial decisions. Did You Know? Recent graduates have an average annual earning of $27,500 31% of graduates work in Finance and Insurance 10% of graduates work in Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services 7% of graduates work in retail trade 6% of graduates work in the construction industry 5% of graduates work in the farming industry 5% of graduates work in the transportation and warehousing industry Related Areas of Interest Business Law Government Accounting Marketing Actuary Economics Epidemiology
  3. 3. Investment Advisor Investment Banking Logistics Specialist Management Consulting Market Research Analysis Mathematics Money Management Operations Research Analysis Statistics Stocks and Trades Venture Capitalism Related Volunteer Organizations SMU Commerce Society Junior Achievement Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development SMU Investment Banking and Capital Markets Society Canada Revenue Agency Volunteer Income Tax Program Human Resources Department Service Canada Service Nova Scotia Black Business Initiative AIESEC Halifax SMU Management Science Society Students in Finance Also… Participate in Co-op Education Participate in Internships Participate in Study Abroad Programs Participate in Work Abroad Programs Volunteer with Non-Profit Organizations
  4. 4. Follow the financial markets and read financial publications CAREERS IN FINANCE The occupations noted below may be directly or indirectly related to Finance. Some of these careers may require education beyond a Bachelor's degree. Account Executive-Broker Acquisition Analyst Actuary Appraiser Assistant Treasurer - Cash Control Assistant Treasurer - Risk Management Audit Manager Bank Examiner Bank Manager Bank Representative Banking Operations Specialist Bookkeeper Branch Manager Budget Manager Business Manager Cash Manager Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Claims Adjuster Commodities Trader Consumer Credit Officer Comptroller Corporate Banking Officer Corporate Comptroller
  5. 5. Corporate Model Analyst Corporate Treasurers Cost Estimator Cost Manager Certified Public Accountant Credit Counsellor Credit Manager Direct Loan Analyst Director of Risk Management Economist External Auditor Finance Writer Financial Analyst Financial Analyst - Budgets Financial Analyst - Revenue Financial Planner Financial Planning for Subsidiaries Manager Financial Services Counsellor Foreign Exchange Trader General Credit Advisor Global Cash Specialist Government Official Industrial Buyer Institutional Buyer Insurance Advisor Insurance Broker Insurance Underwriter Internal Auditor International Trade Specialist Investment Banker Investment Researcher Investor Relations Officer Investor Relations Director Junior Analyst Lending Officer Loan Administrator
  6. 6. Loan Officer Loan Processor Management Accountant Manager of Global Bank Relationship Merger Analyst Mortgage Analyst Mutual Fund Manager Mutual Fund Trader Payroll Administrator Pension Fund Investments Assistant Pension Fund Investments Manager Portfolio Analyst Project Finance Manager Property Manager Rate Analyst Real Estate Developer Sales Analyst Securities Analyst - Common Stock Securities Analyst - Private Placements Securities Analyst - Publicly Traded Bonds Securities Broker Stockbroker Systems Analyst Treasury Management Specialist Trust Analyst Trust Fund Manager Vice President of Finance For More Finance Information Go To Merrill Lynch
  7. 7. Canadian Web Finance Directory American Financial Services Association Association for Financial Professionals Inc. American Bankers Association Women's Institute for Financial Education Financial Job Network The World Bank
  8. 8. Finance 101 is developed and distributed by Career Services with information adapted from career and university websites, as well as professional associations.