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  1. 1. ECONOMICS 101
  2. 2. What is Economics? Economics is the study of how people choose to use resources. Resources include the time and talent people have available, land, buildings, equipment, tools on hand, and the knowledge of how to combine them to create useful products and services. It also deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, or human welfare. It focuses on how societies operate, how natural resources are used, and how wealth is produced and divided. Did You Know? Economics graduates have average annual earnings of $33,200 23% of Economics graduates work as Auditors, Accountants, and Investment Professionals 15% of Economics graduates become University Professors and Assistants 8% of Economics graduates become Secondary and Elementary School Teachers 44% of Economics graduates become Policy and Program Officers Related Areas of Interest History Philosophy Mathematics Decision-Making
  3. 3. Unemployment Inflation Environment Business Government and Law Actuary Development Statistics Teaching Research and Analysis Investment Banking Policy Analysis and Development Related Volunteer Organizations SMU Investment Banking and Capital Markets Society SMU International Development Studies (IDS) Society SMU Commerce Society SMU Political Science Society SMU Accounting Society Atlantic Association of Applied Economists (AAAE) Students in Economics Also… Become Tutors Become Research Assistants Participate in Co-op Programs Participate in Internship Programs Participate in Study Abroad Programs Volunteer with a Society or Organization
  4. 4. CAREERS IN ECONOMICS The following occupations may be directly or indirectly related to Economics. Some of these careers may require education/training beyond a Bachelors degree. Banking/Finance/Securities Commodities Broker or Trader Bank Management Trainee Financial Analyst Financial Reporter Litigation Analyst Industrial Transportation Specialist Financial Researcher Financial Economist Labor Economist Statistician Chamber of Commerce Member Bank Officer Securities Analyst Financial Officer Labor Relations Specialist Financial Planner/Analyst Securities Trader Business Manager Economic Forecaster Trust Administrator Credit Analyst Bond Trader Loan Counsellor Securities Sales, Research, Operations Investment Banker Investment Analyst Investment Administrator
  5. 5. Financial Service Manager Rate Analyst Fixed Income Portfolio Manager Profit Investment Coordinator Bank Research Analyst Credit Lender Operations Manager Systems Manager Business Forecaster Hospitality General Manager Hospitality Manager Sales & Marketing Manager Food & Beverage Salesperson Business Auditor Retail Sales Manager Compensation/Benefits Administrator Wage and Salary Administrator Cost Analyst Industrial Economist Populations Studies Researcher Entrepreneur International Trade Economist Insurance Salesperson Real Estate Agent/Broker Market Research Analyst Actuary Sales Representative Staff Trainer Development Specialist Public Relations Media Planner
  6. 6. Retail Buyer Store Manager Insurance Underwriting Trainee Insurance Agent Insurance Operations Staff Insurance Claims Adjuster Actuarial Assistant Advertising Copywriter Management Consultant Strategic Planner Institutional Research Business Administrator Cost Estimator Sales Analyst Foreign Trade Analyst Customer Profit Analyst International Trade Specialist Cost Determinations Economist Pricing Analyst Labour Analyst Benefits Coordinator Economic Forecaster Economic Consultant Business Analyst Consulting Education/Communication Professor Technical Writer Journalist Columnist Teacher Writer Higher Education Administrator Educational Television Advisor
  7. 7. Information Analyst Government/Public Sector Claims Examiner Social Security Administrator Foreign Trade Analyst Transportation Specialist Government Administrator Manager Consultant/Analyst Tax Auditor Housing Development Aid Budget Office Assistant Legislative Assistant Lobbyist Demographer Regional/Urban Planner Financial Planner Lawyer Research Assistant Demographer Public Administrator Population Studies Analyst Budget Officer Policy Analyst Legislative Assistant Politician Other Efficiency Expert Intelligence Agent Salesperson/Broker Estate Planner Buyer
  8. 8. Healthcare Administrator Market Research Analyst Consumer Goods Analyst Manufacturers Rep Underwriter Consumer Affairs Director Public Administrator/Manager Information Scientist For More Economics Information Go To Many of the job titles listed previously are also available within NGO’s Why Study Economics (University of Regina) Canadian Economics Association Canadian Association for Business Economics (CABE) American Economic Association The Economics Degree tml National Association for Business Economics
  9. 9. The Economist (British magazine) Career Owl – job listings in Canada Job Futures anIDo/economics.html Canadian Labour Market Information Work Infonet
  10. 10. Economics 101 developed and distributed by Career Services with information adapted from career and university web sites, as well as professional associations.