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  1. 1. STUDENT PLACEMENT REPORT UNIVERSITY OF BATH, SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT BSc (Hons) BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STUDENT PLACEMENT REPORT FOR USE BY OTHER STUDENTS SEEKING PLACEMENTS EMPLOYER NAME: Deutsche Bank EMPLOYER LOCATION: London YOUR NAME: Jon Waters FIRST OR SECOND PLACEMENT: 2nd DATES OF PLACEMENT: 13/02/06 to 11/08/06 DEPARTMENT: Natural Resources Group M&A SUPERVISOR/S’ NAME & POSITION IN Jeremy Low, Vice President European THE ORGANISATION: Oil & Gas JOB TITLE: Please give a brief outline of your main responsibilities, including:  Special tasks or projects undertaken, or events managed;  Routine tasks undertaken (also indicate the approximate percentage of time) Intern/Analyst in Global Banking division Work in small teams on pitch books for client meetings Financial analysis of companies, including basic valuations Completing ad-hoc data requests Attended client meeting Went to Paris on business as part of working on a live buy side transaction SALARY DETAILS (If available)* £36,000 pa * This is not a guarantee of the same salary to future students ORGANISATIONAL BACKGROUND: Please give a brief description of your employer (e.g. type of organisation, size of organisation, major product or service, structure of organisation): Deutsche Bank is a leading global investment bank with operations in 73 countries worldwide employing 64,103 people. The company also has a huge retail banking arm, mainly focussed in Germany, with over 1,588 branches worldwide. Deutsche Bank is organised into three group divisions: • Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) • Private Clients and Asset Management (PCAM) • Corporate Investments (CI) RECRUITMENT & INDUCTION January 2006 1
  2. 2. STUDENT PLACEMENT REPORT Recruitment: How did you find this placement? a. Through the Placements Office b. Through Personal contacts c. Through speculative applications d. Other (please specify) Does the company traditionally only take from Bath, or do they use other Universities? (If so, which ones?) Only Bath Is this placement available for both placement periods? No What recruitment procedure did the organisation use (e.g. first and second interviews, aptitude test, assessment centre etc)? First round interviews on campus (with 2 associates) Second round interviews (with 2 directors) and numerical test at office in London Can you offer any hints or tips for potential students regarding this process? Practice numerical tests – plenty on internet Read FT website to pick up names of a couple of recent big M&A transactions and a few details so that can talk about them in the interview – particularly if Deutsche Bank advised on the deal Be honest with them and yourself – especially around the hours Talk to a previous student as they ask you if you have in the interview Did the initial outline of the job at interview match the work that you did? Yes If it differed was this a plus or minus point and why? Outline very vague, so was huge scope to get involved and do more things – definite upside What skills would be most useful as a pre-requisite for this placement and what type of student are they looking for? Good with numbers – helpful but not essential Accounting modules will have helped (although I didn’t do them) Excellent interpersonal and communication skills Committed & hardworking Induction: Did you have induction from your employer? If so, what type of activities did it consist of? Various training courses on certain products/programs used day to day Majority of training was on the job January 2006 2
  3. 3. STUDENT PLACEMENT REPORT Was there a hand-over from another student or employee? If so, was it adequate? No handover, but good training with employees – although learning curve relatively steep Were you helped to settle in informally (e.g. social events etc.)? Regular team drinks (last Friday every month) and casual drinks were good Team are excellent in general and make all feel welcome Annual team Ski weekend trip departs about 4 weeks after start date – would highly recommend attending as great chance to bond with people outside of work YOUR WORK & TRAINING Please give details of any courses, team-building events, presentations or seminars you attended. Please include whether you had formal or “on the job” training, plus any other useful information. Mandatory presentations on money laundering etc Training courses in systems used to create and manage pitch books Did you find the placement reasonably well structured? If not, can you offer suggestions to improve this placement? Fairly well structured – disadvantage was that half of the team I worked with were relatively new to the company (and half left) and had not worked with somebody like myself on a 6 month placement so it took time for expectations on both their and my parts to adjust. This is generally down to the nature of the industry and is hence unavoidable How approachable/available was your manager/mentor? If I had had any major issues I believe they would have been dealt with quickly and efficiently Additionally, when I was working very hard people around me noticed and were very quick to talk to me about it and ensure I was ok How much responsibility/autonomy were you given and was this appropriate for the job? Huge amount – after initial training expected to be able to pick up and run the basic elements of a project alone Very appropriate in terms of the job, as this is exactly what is expected of graduates and is a great learning experience in many aspects – definitely a placement for those who want to really challenge themselves Any feasible suggestions that the next student should ask for, which could improve the placement? Own expense accounts for food and taxis etc – I had to use a colleagues Would you recommend this placement to other students? Yes – but be aware of the commitment that is required January 2006 3
  4. 4. STUDENT PLACEMENT REPORT PRACTICAL MATTERS Please give details of any practical points/details you are able to help with (e.g. culture of company, dress code, dress down day, hours/flexitime, paid overtime, canteen, sports facilities, etc.) Business-casual dress code (i.e. no tie unless client meetings) Dress down Fridays – smart jeans acceptable Long hours Canteen across the road Gym across the road Evening/weekend meal expenses, and travel home after a certain time Was there any social life in the firm? (Clubs you could join etc.). I believe there are social aspects but never explored them How did you find your accommodation? (Include any helpful suggestions here, such as names of letting agencies or ways to find accommodation if this is applicable). Go early – beat the rush. Ideally (as we did) ring around a load of agents and set aside a whole day and get to London very early so you have the chance to look at up to 10 places. Is transport to and from the premises reasonable/available? (Please give details of nearest tube, train stations, or bus routes, length of time and costs of journey). Liverpool Street – 2mins from office Moorgate – 5 mins from office Plenty of buses SUMMARY Is there any other information not given already that you think would be useful? For this particular job would advise living very close to work – I lived a 10 minute walk away so short journeys to and from work Good chance of being offered a graduate position if you perform well Would you be happy to talk to other students who may be considering this placement after you, and if so how may they contact you? Yes Email address: Other contact details: January 2006 4