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Analysis of Müller Advert

  1. 1. New Müller ad 2011 - Wünderful Stuff By Samantha Tenwick
  2. 2. Style <ul><li>This advert is creating an illusion that when you get hit by the different flavour fruits from Müller you will turn into a famous cartoon characters. Viewers of this advert have commented how random and how it makes no sense. This has been done to make you want to watch the whole of the advert so you get a better understanding of it. With the advert being different it makes it memorable to viewers and this is a technique used to help sell the product. Parts of the advert is shown to be humorous. </li></ul>Statements made on youtube from viewers.
  3. 3. Animated Famous Cartoon Characters
  4. 4. Camera work 1.The scene starts with a long shot of the city. This is to show the weather and surroundings of the city. 2.The camera then does a close up of the speeding car. 3.High angle shot used to show the car spinning into the car parking space. 4.This is a extreme close up of the ticket the man is placing on the famous car KITT. 5. A low angle shot used to show how the ticket man is in power. 6. A shot of the Muller logo on the van and then it zooms into a extreme close up of the logo, this is so you know what the advert is advertising.
  5. 5. Camera Work Two Medium shot of the van transforming into a Muller monster. High angle shot so you are able to see the man staring at the transformer, angle from behind transformer so you are able to see what the transformer is seeing. Long shot of the ticket man running. Close up shot of the ticket man, this is to show the characters emotion. Long shot of the Muller monster. Long shot of the Muller monster eating the ticket man.
  6. 6. Camera Work Three Long shot of the transformer spitting the man out as a famous cartoon character. Close up of the cartoon so you are able to know who the character is. These are many of the camera shots that are used throughout the advert. Close-ups are usually used to show a person's reaction or facial expression they are showing. Long shots are normally used to get a surroundings of a scene or an object. High angle shots are used to emphasis how important you are or the person in the shot. Low angle shots are used to show how small and object or person is or to show a lack of power.
  7. 7. Sound <ul><li>Diegetic-The man screaming when being picked up, footsteps of the people walking. </li></ul><ul><li>Non- Diegetic- The noise of the car racing, the car talking, the car turning into a cartoon, the happy themed music through the whole advert, the splattering when hitting people. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Structure <ul><li>Animation is used in advertising to save costing as hardly any money is spent on creating several setting and paying actors. This also makes it less time consuming as you use limited location and no need to reshoot any aspects of the advert as it can be edited. </li></ul><ul><li>With the advert having animation and real people it give a impression that by eating Muller yogurt will transform a persons day. Makes you feel like your day can feel being a fun, vibrant cartoon character. </li></ul><ul><li>Using animation draw in a younger generation and also makes it more interesting as it new to have it in adverts, makes it different. </li></ul>
  9. 9. Purpose <ul><li>The message that is trying to be conveyed is that the Muller monster saves the day and make it a better day. The advert has been purely set up for people entertainment. This is a clever way of making people watch it as it make you want to watch the advert and it make the advert memorable. </li></ul><ul><li>Target market is for two different types of people. One for the children that are fans of the cartoon characters, this makes the children want to buy it as there favourite character is in the advert and the other target market is the mum/dad that does the shopping. This also relates to the advert as it brings back their childhood. </li></ul>