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Social Media for not for profits - Boroondara presentation


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As always, I'm keen to give insight to effective Social Media systems - this time for not-for-profits in the Boroondara area. This presentation includes key slides from the presentation given on 30 November, 2011. It covers automation, gaining an audience, being aware of how much time you have available and achieving your goals.
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Social Media for not for profits - Boroondara presentation

  1. 1. Social Media Are you connected yet? Doing Something Good2
  2. 2. Agenda• Social Media Introduction• Latest Social Media Not-For-Profit organisations examples• Questions & Answers• 11:00 – 11:15am Morning Tea• Content Planning• Collaborative session• Questions & Answers• Next steps 3
  3. 3. Our Clients4
  4. 4. Our Social Media Sites & Experience5
  5. 5. 6
  6. 6. 7
  7. 7. Start an action list. Capture activities you plan to do.8
  8. 8. 9
  9. 9. Your website Your blog10
  10. 10.
  11. 11. 12
  12. 12. 15
  13. 13. 16
  14. 14. 17
  15. 15. 18
  16. 16. 19
  17. 17. The Average TwitterUser is 39.1 YearsOld(and Probably A Woman)LinkedIn: 44Facebook: 38•
  18. 18. Over 34 years old = digital "immigrant” Under 34 = digital native "search (dont sort)” internet is always available22
  19. 19. 23
  20. 20. 24
  21. 21. 25
  22. 22. Latest Social Media, Not-For-Profit examples David Hood26
  23. 23. Q&A27
  24. 24. Content Planning29
  25. 25. Reaching your relevant network through regular & valuable information30
  26. 26. Establish a system that spreads your great content in line with the time and effort available to you.31
  27. 27. Online Content Planning Process for Organisations Run an online content session Compile draft Content plan Finalise Content PlanLoad into automation site Remember spontaneity!32
  28. 28. Other ways to gain content• Create a research spreadsheet with highly valuable content – Your favourite sites and your target market’s• Other sites: – –• Another idea: Tweetadder’s “Tweet generator” for ideas 40
  29. 29. Q&A47
  30. 30. Next Steps48
  31. 31. Free eBook and other resources at: @RunwD on Twitter49
  32. 32. What do we need to do now? Next steps• Content Plan (spreadsheet) + have a content session each month.• Content Development – Find out your 5 keywords (SEO) to know roughly what to talk about online. – Optional: Come up with 2 personas – two ‘pretend’ people that reflect who you’re writing to and use them in crafting information.• Establish a Research Spreadsheet and keep adding to it• Spend time: – Engaging with what people say to you on sites. – Finding your customers on Twitter and Facebook. – Optional: Utilise Hootsuite or Tweetdeck or other applications to manage information across different sites. – List Social Media accounts on your website. – Fix settings on all sites so that you’re not receiving (duplicate) emails and also seeing the same information when you log on to sites. 50
  33. 33. Example internal process for Social Media. What’s yours?51
  34. 34. Next steps: activities required, who’s doing what• Who’s doing what?• How will we track progress? – Metrics / Measurement – what are you aiming for and how are you going? – Celebrate your successes!• Bonus setup: – Setup a blog (Wordpress recommended) & automation so when you blog, a tweet is sent & Facebook page is updated. Look into being able to send blog posts to your website via email. – Instagram on your iPhone – with auto update to Facebook, Twitter, blog, Flickr (photo sharing site). – Learn other sites relevant to your audience / Find where your customers are – which sites? Flickr? Instagram? Foursquare? Linkedin? Quora? Slideshare? – Create twitter lists to add authority. 52 – Create a buzz about your business!
  35. 35. Let the Runway Digital Ground Crew Support your• Content Planning support – 2 hour (over 4 hours) Content Planning session with your team via Skype – Review of Content Plan• Strategic SEO – identification of 10 keywords• Creation of Research Spreadsheet• 1 hour Coaching call via phone or Skype• Current webinars & online courses – Content Planning – Growing your Twitter Audience – Social Media 101 and effective systems 53
  36. 36. “What value can I provide you?”54
  37. 37. Thank you!Samantha BellRunway DigitalOnline Strategy, Systems, Training,& on HoodDoing Something on