Integrating Digital into Business


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Integrating Digital into Business

  1. 1. Today’s workshop 1. Current state (take stock) 2. Future Trends / Opportunities (innovation) 3. Implications 4. Next steps
  2. 2. Current State!
  3. 3. Opportunities & Future Trends
  4. 4. Digital business is delivering returns Online communities reduce costs Twitter drives sales Online Customer Reviews drive sales Online Forum members commenting drive sales Forum members reply within 93 seconds – quicker than Customer Service staff? Online campaigns drive sales Listening to online channels avoided PR problems Brand monitoring drove tailored, more effective campaign Tens of thousands of product and services ideas created Online component to events drove sales Staff retention increased World stage to interact and attract candidates Charitable donations increased Online Communities increased sales Communities reduced customer service enquiries Increased $$ Improved service Reduced costs People retention Improved quality Avoid PR issues Faster ideas, more of them Talent attraction
  5. 5. Whatever people earn, they’re more than likely to be on Facebook
  6. 6. Customer service through new channels is expected (doesn’t have to be 24x7 if communicated well)
  7. 7. Online Reputation ~ 5-star matters.
  8. 8. Customer service happens fast (& proactively).
  9. 9. Organisations experiment to find out how to best use digital.
  10. 10. Leading organisations have explored & learnt how to integrate digital into processes.
  11. 11. Using online well leads to increased productivity, innovation, greater talent development and generally an easier place to work, and… The best case study is your own.
  12. 12. Workforce changes Micro sourcing creates pressure for individuals to become more strategic Global market and cheap tech means greater ease for new organisations to start
  13. 13. Staff can pioneer ideas and lead their organisation to understand.
  14. 14. Organisation charts change Ref: @armano again 
  15. 15. Collaborative cultures meet faster needs.
  16. 16. “it's simply how all business will operate in one way or another (many are well on their way)”
  17. 17. WANTED: faster communication.
  18. 18. ‘Crowd’ generated information.
  19. 19. “Mash-ups”: data combined – e.g. information from the ‘crowd” overlayed on a map
  20. 20. Crowdsouring: “Hey Crowd, what are your ideas for our organisation?”
  21. 21. Crowdsourcing: Which idea is most important?
  22. 22. Essential Baby. 139,000 parents leaving 10,000 posts a day. (Australia’s largest online community for women.)
  23. 23. Discussion: What is important for us to do now?
  24. 24. ~ Next steps ~