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SEO services will vary from provider as there is no defined recipe for success. You may have heard about recent Google algorithm updates including “Penguin” & Panda” which have effected many businesses over the past 12-18 months. The changes have effectively penalised websites taking shortcuts by offering low quality links and content

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Seo services (1)

  1. 1. SEO SERVICESSEO PackagesSEO services will vary from provider as thereis no defined recipe for success. You mayhave heard about recent Google algorithmupdates including “Penguin” & Panda” whichhave effected many businesses over the past12-18 months. The changes have effectivelypenalised websites taking shortcuts by offeringlow quality links and content.
  2. 2. When you talk with other companies there will bevarying opinions on whether SEO servicesshould be in the form of SEO packages ortailored SEO solutions. Common consensus inthe Australian Market is that cheap offshore SEOservices provide more damage than they dogood. In fact, the time it takes to recover from aGoogle “slap” might put your business at risk ifyou rely on SEO results.
  3. 3. FYIC have developed SEO services that combineall the white hat elements that Matt Cutts fromGoogle talks about in his blog SEO Services combine the benefits of bothTailored SEO Solutions and SEO Packages.FYIC do not stand for the smoke and mirrorcowboys in the market that promise they will dowhatever it takes to get the results. More likely thebear minimum in order to keep getting paid!
  4. 4. When weighing up providers ask them:• How will they build your Google Authorship• How will they facilitate you to actively• participate in relevant discussion on your Industry• What content marketing strategy will theycommit to?• What is the approach to YouTube marketing• What social marketing strategies will work foryour busines
  5. 5. ou will find most SEO companies do this workfor themselves but they don’t provide as part ofSEO Services or SEOPackages. Remember, “Content is King” onGoogle today and your old SEO company thatrelies on on page content and directory links isgetting left behind.
  6. 6. Did you know that ranking on the front page ofGoogle in positions 5-10 will provide 1% oftraffic. Why signup to that, unless your SEOCompany game plan has ambitions to reachtop 3 rankings you are wasting your time andmoney.Please don’t sign a long term contract until youspeak with one of our SEO consultants aboutwhat FYIC will commit to with output and whatwe expect the results to actually be. FYIC SEOServices – designed to outperform.