Learn more about adwords match types


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Becoming a successful adwords manager is easy especially if you know how to use Google Adwords Keyword tool. You need to be able to specify the search terms for your ads, the big question remains ‘how to pick the right keywords?’

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Learn more about adwords match types

  1. 1. Reference: Google Adwords
  2. 2. Becoming a successful adwords manager is easy especiallyif you know how to use Google Adwords Keyword tooldown to its nitty-gritty. As an adwords account manageryou have the capacity to choose, have control over andspecify the search term to which your ads are displayed.Importantly this is done with the help of adwords keywordtool, although you may have complete control and be able tospecify the search terms for your ads, the big questionremains ‘how to pick the right keywords?’ To help you onyour way to become a successful adwords manager, here isan explanation and how to article about adwords MatchTypes.
  3. 3. ZOOMING IN TO YOUR TARGETLet’s say that you are putting up an adwordsmanagement services and you feel that you wantkeywords related to ‘adwords managementservices.’ There are three Adwords match typeswhich are: Broad, Exact and Phrase. These areways to search for Keyword Ideas that matchesyour search above.
  4. 4. You can easily manipulate the google keywordtool by simply clicking on your preferred matchtype which is located on the middle left side ofthe tool.
  5. 5. TARGET: WIDER COVERAGEBroad match type is the default search in googleadwords tool and it gives you keyword ideas thathave a far reaching audience base. It also makesuse of your word or phrase in different order.Like, if you are searching for keyword ideasrelated with adwords management services,broad match types can give you any keyword thatis related to your search,
  6. 6. even if it does not contain any of the search termsyou have keyed in. Just take a look at thescreenshot below.
  7. 7. The pitfall with using Broad search type is that there is abigger possibility that you are also given irrelevantkeyword ideas, just see the screenshot below. Further,when it comes to adwords keywords, your ad could showup in queries that are unconnected to your site which canlead unnecessary pay per click.
  8. 8. TARGET: VERSATILE RESULTSWhen using the phrase match type in Googleadwords keyword tool, it gives you a moretargeted result than the Broad search type withthe specific phrase included in the results. Thus,it gives you a more controlled keyword idearesults and better versatility than the broadmatch one.
  9. 9. You can see from the screenshot below that allresults shown have the ‘adwords management’word in each keyword idea. The keyword ideasshown may contain text before, in between or afterthe words in the keyword, but it always maintainsthe order in which you have typed. Like, adwords isalways seen before management even if there aretexts in between them.
  10. 10. As an adwords account manager, this is an important tool touse because your ads can show up for searches that containthe phrase adwords management and some other texts.
  11. 11. TARGET: BULLS EYEExact matches give you a bullseye target. Interms of adwords advertisement your ad willonly be shown for the exact term and maybe afew misspellings and singular or plural form ofthe words.
  12. 12. PUTTING INTO GOOD USEKnowing all these will help you as an adwordsaccount manager to choose the type of searchthat would best suit your needs. If you arelaunching a product that would need muchpublicity then a broad search is best. However, ifyou have a limited budget and would only wantto advertise with a high guarantee on returnsthen an Exact search is for you. Lastly, if yourproduct has so many variations, the phrasematch would do you well for its versatility.
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