Google Adwords Management | Power of keyword tool


Published on As digital marketing experts, we can tell you that creating your online marketing strategy doesn’t have to be a complicated experience, especially when you understand the power of the Google Adwords keyword tool. In fact, it is a straightforward process that only takes few minutes to learn.

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Google Adwords Management | Power of keyword tool

  1. 1. Google Adwords Management | Power of keyword toolAs digital marketing experts, we can tell you that creating your onlinemarketing strategy doesn’t have to be a complicated experience,especially when you understand the power of the Google Adwordskeyword tool. In fact, it is a straightforward process that only takes fewminutes to learn.What’s more, Google has many other tools at your disposal designed to doall the hard work for you (provided you know how to use them properly) sothat you can focus on growing the returns for your business online.
  2. 2. Keywords ToolThe keywords tool is a free application that allows you to accomplishone of the most important tasks when validating your Onlinemarketing campaign —choosing the right keywords. To start off, youwill be prompted to enter a keyword based on either a phrase,website, or category.We always recommend starting with what Google sees your websiteas being relevant for. For this you enter in the website address andselect search
  3. 3. Notice – we haveselected:A. [exact] match searchvolumes – this is exactlyhow many searchesmade for the exactvariation of keyword.B. Desktop & laptopsearch volumes – notincluding mobile trafficC. Review your results
  4. 4. What to do with this information:A. Review these search terms for relevance & potential traffic volumes.Prioritise SEO efforts based on existing rankings and level ofcompetition.B. Take note of the approximate Adwords Cost per click for each keywordIf you want Google front page visibility today, this is a guide to how muchyou should be paying – as an average. Weigh up cost versus time.Ranking your website for some keywords will take many months ofconcerted effort and in some cases years, with no real guarantees. Everymonth that goes by, you could be missing on the chance to find your idealcustomers
  5. 5. C. Research other potential keywords that Google does not findyour website relevant for, using the same process.We have completed this search below for – small businessmarketing.To give you an idea of how popular your chosen keyword is,AdWords keyword tool displays the number of searches itreceives on a monthly basis, and either globally or locally. If youaren’t satisfied with the initial suggestions, you can simply clickon “more like these” which then returns another batch ofproposed keyword sets.
  6. 6. Options and SettingsTo get the most accurate and effective keywords for your campaign, GoogleAdWords also allows you to select which terms to include and which ones toexclude. To improve accuracy, it also lets you determine whether your matchesshould be broad, exact, or any part of a phrase. That way, you are in full control ofwho views your ad and that it reaches the right people all the time.If you are targeting consumers who know exactly what they want, then an “exact”match might be the best type for your ad campaign. These might include technicalsearches or gadgets with model numbers. However, for more generic searches suchas “small business marketing” in general, you’d be better off selecting a “broad”match type as shown below. This will give you an indication as to the overall size ofthe market.
  7. 7. Allow Us To HelpGoogle AdWords is free to use. You only pay for how much you choose toadvertise and are always in full control of your advertising budget. Howsuccessful you are depends on how well you use it.We are based in Melbourne and are specialists in Google AdWords,AdWords Management, SEO Services, content marketing, displayadvertising, Facebook advertising, conversion rate optimisation, and paidsearch across other networks including Bing and Yahoo.
  8. 8. Our founder,Jayson Rodda, is an experienced AdWords veteran of 10years and has a deep appreciation and understanding of the intricaciesbehind it. Don’t waste any more time. Get to grips with Google AdWordsby phoning us at 1300-76-00-84 and ask to speak directly to JaysonRodda, today.Learn more about the Author: Jayson Rodda