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  1. 1. Crossroads of Freedom Samantha Alderton History 141 #31644
  2. 2. Pendulum of War  In war, generally one army tries to take over the land and government of another army’s land and government. In the Civil War, however, the US fought against itself in order for one party to gain control.  The goal of the Civil War was to keep all of the states together and unify as one nation with a set of principles and a solid government, and to end slavery.
  3. 3. Pendulum of War  Both sides fought tirelessly to either prevent or encourage the British to recognize the Confederates.  Britain's optimism was pointed in effect towards Rebel wins and Union money. The Union was too powerful for England to have once again.
  4. 4. Taking Off the Kid Gloves  The Union was heavily outnumbered in battle compared to the Rebels. The Union had a hard time getting troops sent down to reinforce the situation.
  5. 5. Taking Off the Kid Gloves  The Seven Day Battle was six monumental battles over the course of seven days. It took place June 25-July 1, 1862 near Virginia.  General Robert E. Lee led the Confederates and General George B. McClellan led the Union
  6. 6. The Federals Got A Very Complete Smashing  The Union was feeling demoralized, even President Lincoln was feeling defeated  McClellan was replaced by Pope for his perceived misdeeds  Lincoln feared mutiny if he left Pope in charge, so he brought McClellan back, who whipped the troops back into shape, reorganized, and got them ready to fight on
  7. 7. The Federals Got A Very Complete Smashing
  8. 8. Showdown At Sharpsberg  The Confederates decide to invade Maryland  The Confederate soldiers are not warmly received, and their image does not offer much hope for their cause. They are unkept, unshaven, dirty, with patchy uniforms. They were malnourished and even lacked shoes.  The Union soldiers felt that they were in “God’s Country” in Maryland. Gen. McClellan was warmly received (especially by women) and they had lots of fresh food to choose from, and clean water.
  9. 9. Showdown At Sharpsberg  On September 13, McClellan and Lee are almost in a face off, but divided by mountains. McClellan thinks that his men will be hugely outnumbered, so he chooses to act very carefully. He takes too long to decide what to do, and Lee’s forces avert disaster-- McClellan blows another opportunity.  September 17-- the Battle of Antietam, McClellan thwarts Lee’s northward drive. This is the bloodiest day in American History
  10. 10. The Beginning of the End  New York Herald reported that, “the Battle of Antietam has broken the back of the rebellion… changed the tide of affairs, and victory now attends to us everywhere”  Lincoln decided that it was absolutly necessary to abolish slavery. He said without slavery, the war would never have begun. And without slavery, it cannot continue.
  11. 11. The Beginning of the End