Lec. 10 the councils of tipitaka in thailand


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Lec. 10 the councils of tipitaka in thailand

  1. 1. The Councils of Tipitaka in Thailand Dr. Jutamas Vareesangthip
  2. 2. The First Sort Out of Tipitaka in Thailand• BE 2020. Grounds.• Phra Dhammatin Maha Thera and his astute (intelligence) dispersed in Tipitaka Scriptures.• Considers that the Tipitaka scriptures , the commentaries, the subcommentaries, the sub-subcommentaries, at that time, which is a very unusual error.• With each subsequent model, or copy a long time.• So that day Phra Dhammatin Maha Thera met the royal patronage of his comments (King Tilokaraj of Lanna kingdom).
  3. 3. The First Sort Out of Tipitaka in Thailand• Upon receipt of King patronizing (supportive), Dhammatin Maha Thera Buddhist monks at a meeting of experts in the Tipitaka are to sort out.• By the revision of the Tipitaka, the commentaries, the subcommentaries, the sub-subcommentaries inscribed on palm leaves with Dhamma letter of Lannas words. This is the first sort of Tipitaka in the Lanna Kingdom or Thailand.
  4. 4. The First Sort Out of Tipitaka in Thailand• Location: Wat Photharam which is the city of Chiangmai, Thailand. Patrons: King Tilokaraj or Siri Dharma Raj Empire Dilok . Management: Phra Dhammatin Maha Thera was chairman Tin with the committee of monks. Period : 1 year to complete.
  5. 5. The Second Sort Out of Tipitaka in Thailand• BE 2331. Grounds. King Rama I the Great along with his brother Kroms Bowon Sursihnat desired to maintain religious faith to secure future growth.• He heard from the Supreme Patriarch, at that time, the Tipitaka is a very unusual error. The monks have no enough power to preserve religious faith to secure future growth.• King Rama I did invite the Supreme Patriarch with all the monks to bear on this issue.
  6. 6. The Second Sort Out of Tipitaka in Thailand• the Supreme Patriarch began to sort out his discipline and revised Tipitaka scriptures and the Pali grammar book.• a letter inscribed on palm leaves with Cambodia letters.• This represents The sort of the two of Tipitaka in Thailand.
  7. 7. The Second Sort Out of Tipitaka in Thailand• Location:. (Wat) Phra Sri Sanphechayadaram and later rename it "Wat Mahathat”, Bangkok, Thailand.• Patrons: King Rama I the Great.• Management : Supreme Patriarch was the president, along with 218 monks held a Buddhist Sagciti, helping with 32 member of the Royal Institute . Period: 5 months to complete.
  8. 8. The Third Sort Out of Tipitaka in Thailand• BE 2431.• Grounds. On the occasion of the celebration 25 years His Majesty King Rama V succeed to the throne.• His remark to perform great charity• He saw that the scriptures written on palm leaves that are not stable and the entire amount was very difficult to keep up.• The Khmer letters did not understand easily.• His faith was to print the all of Tipitaka up to new.
  9. 9. The Third Sort Out of Tipitaka in Thailand• King gave his brother Phra Maha Samana Chao and all the most venerable edited Khmer Tipitaka Scriptures from palm leaves to the Thai alphabets and printed in 39 books.• The set up and print: When completed in 2431- 2436=1,000 copies.• the Scriptures were printed with the Thai alphabet in a book for the first time.• This is the sort of the three of Tipitaka in Thailand .
  10. 10. King Rama VII• King Rama VII Ordered to pay, and publishing the Tipitaka Siam Rat.• The Scriptures in the King V were only one set of 39 books, some texts were not printed. Books printed, and some still were not perfect.• King Rama VII ordered to beg Kom Luang Bovorn Siriwat and the Supreme Patriarch to be chairman of the audit due to the missing source.• Added From the existing 39 to provide 45 copies. Then Tipitaka was published.
  11. 11. King Rama VII• For the first time that has been published in the Thai language and Buddhist scriptures come to an end and this is called the Tipitaka, Siam Rat Tipitaka. There is an elephant seal on the cover.• Type the 1500 sets.• Since 2473-2499.
  12. 12. King Rama VII• When printing was finished.• The King gave – all His Kingdom, 200 sets. พระราชทานนานาประเทศ ๔๕๐ ชุด – Royal international series 450. เหลืออีก ๘๕๐ ชุด พระราชทานแก่ ผ้ ูบริจาคทรั พย์ ขอรั บหนังสือ พระไตรปิ ฎก – The remaining 850 to be donated property to obtain Buddhist scriptures.
  13. 13. The Fifth Sort Out of Tipitaka in Thailand• 5: on Wed. Since 2483. King Ananda Mahidol, Rama 8 and 9 together had been revised and translated the Scriptures into the Thai language to complete the first time• The Tipitaka, before he had to make before it was built in the Khmer language, the Pali text but in Thai alphabet. His remark of Supreme Patriarch that in Thailand, we should have the Scriptures translated into Thai until the age required for the City of Buddhism.
  14. 14. The Last Sort Out of Tipitaka in Thailand• BE 2530.• Grounds. In the year 2530,His Majesty the King Rama IXs 60 year birthday.• the Supreme Patriarch made a remark that the Tipitaka scriptures which are important in Buddhism, were a perverse (Contradictory ) aberration(deviation) resulting from a negligent mistake in the copy and the subsequent publication.• That should sort out his discipline, check the sanctification .• And published to celebrate the rank of His Majesty the King.
  15. 15. The Last Sort Out of Tipitaka in Thailand• in the Year 2530, auspices( favorables) the government to make this sort of patronage (donation).• Upon receipt of the budget and patronage• So continued the sort.• But the year began since 2528 BE and finished on the year 2530 BE.• It is sort of the four that were made ​in Thailand.
  16. 16. The Last Sort Out of Tipitaka in Thailand• Location:. Her Majestys Royal Palace, Wat Mahathat Yuwarajarangsarit in November, Bangkok, Thailand.• Patrons:. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, As Patrons with the government. This is General Prem Tinsulanonda as prime minister.• Management. The present Supreme Patriarch is the president.• Period. 2 years to complete.
  17. 17. The problems of the sort.• To sort out his discipline in Theravada Buddhism is the revised audit and classification. Among the teachings of Buddha laid down a pattern of one. The term correct means to pray together also known as "Sagciti" means praying with each of the transpiration in the key comment that preaching individual that once this has been the cause of the method. sort out the fair discipline.
  18. 18. The problems of the sort.• A collection of poetry, or his discipline. Or processing the teachings of the Buddha. Is there a way to bring the teachings of the Buddha that he is present at the meeting. Buddhist , then there is the question. The meeting resolved that it is indeed. When the share on any matter. I pray simultaneously. To pray together to vote together as a consensus. As well as conventional memory and the next.
  19. 19. The problems of the sort.• Count of a different sort of Buddhism, Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism in the Theravada Buddhist countries themselves but also the time to sort out discrepancies.• Which will be summarized (only Theravada Buddhism ) as follows.
  20. 20. The problems of the sort.• • Sri Lanka. – Accept the sort out the first three in India. – And 3 sort out their own country, the third one in 2408 BE, when the last act of this sort is known in Sri Lanka only.
  21. 21. The problems of the sort.• • Myanmar – is to sort out the 3 first time in India. This marks the second sort out in Lanka is the 4th council, the property is 4 times that of Burma. – Count the 5,6th council or the last two times in Burma, on May 17, 2497 was completed on 24 May 2499 made this sort of celebration on the occasion of the 25th century to print the Tipitaka, Commentary and translated into Burmese. Buddhists from various countries were invited to attend the ceremony. Especially from Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.
  22. 22. The problems of the sort.• • Thailand – Count sort out the first 3 times in at India – Count sort out the first 1-2 times in Ceylon, – but in Sagciti the family or the history of the sort out, the Supreme Patriarch(the most Venerable Wannarut ) said that ther were an additional four times.
  23. 23. The problems of the sort.• No. 6• In BE 956 in Lanka,• Buddhadhosa was translated and compiled (composed) commentaries.• Lanka themselves did not count as a representing of Council of Tipitaka .
  24. 24. The problems of the sort.• No. 7• In 1587 Phra KussapaThera is a president to rewrited and composed many commentaries.• Lanka themselves did not count as a representing of Council of Tipitaka too .
  25. 25. The problems of the sort.– No. 8– In BE 2020 in the royal patronage of King Tilokaraj of Lanna kingdom– No. 9– In BE 2331 in the royal patronage of King Rama I the Great of Rattanakosin
  26. 26. Tipitaka Printing in Thailand• The Tipitaka is divided into three major issue• 1. Tipitaka in Pali (Siam Rut edition), published a book of 45 books in the reign of the seventh when the Buddhist Scriptures to the 2473 translation was complete on 2499.
  27. 27. Tipitaka Printing in Thailand• 2. Tripitaka in Pali (called “Council edition”) to sort out the revised and published to celebrate the 60 birthday of His Majesty the King IX in 2530. – Pali Tipitaka called the Thai Ruth Tipitaka edition. ฉบับแปลเป็ นภาษาไทยมีช่ ือว่ าพระไตรปิ ฎกฉบับสังคายนา – Edition Translated into Thai, called the sort out Tipitaka edition.
  28. 28. Tipitaka Printing in Thailand• 3. Tipitaka in Pali Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya edition by Phra PimonDharma (the King ordered the establishment as Somdej Phra Budhajarn Ard Arsapa Thera, the Presidents Faculty of Royal College of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya.
  29. 29. Tipitaka Printing in Thailand• Provide for the implementation of the revised Tipitaka of Buddhism on the auspicious days of the term dating from the 25th century when the book was published in 2500 and continued until the completion of 45 books on 2535. With the benevolence of His Majesty.• The Queen and HRH the Mother of the King gave property in the initial funding amount 210,000 baht from the Pali Tripitaka successfully.
  30. 30. Tipitaka Printing in Thailand• Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University has started the translation and publishing the Tipitaka in Thai since 2536 and especially in the era of the celebration of the auspicious birthday of His Majesty the King of the age of 72 years,• In 2542 Thai edition of the Scriptures, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, has successfully completed.
  31. 31. Tipitaka Printing in Thailand• The preparation of the Scriptures in Thai,Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, due to 2 occasion.• 1. King Bhumibol Adulyadej. On the auspicious reign of His Majestys reign of 50 years.
  32. 32. Tipitaka Printing in Thailand• 2. Majesty Queen Sirikit 60 birthdays. (5 cycles)• the Tipitaka in Thai -With the patronage of the monarchy and the government.