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How To Massively Improve Mental Performance In Triathlon

Mental toughness is required during training and during racing to get the best performances. In triathlon, especially the gruelling nature of it favours those who have practised and developed mental strength. All the elites do mental strength training, and they all wish they had started sooner.

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How To Massively Improve Mental Performance In Triathlon

  2. 2. Triathlon has MORE than three disciplines. Credit: Dan Pupius on Flicker.
  3. 3. We must master: * Nutrition * Mental performance * Transition * Recovery/taper as well as swim, bike, run!
  4. 4. Most triathletes know of the benefits of mental toughness in both training AND racing but very few do the (easy and quick) mental training to develop it.
  5. 5. Just by training and pushing yourself when it hurts will improve it a bit, but this by itself is not enough if you really want to see the results you are capable of.
  6. 6. All the pros do mind training systematically and build it into their program. It can be the main difference between winning and losing.
  7. 7. Develop mental strength to enable you to: • train harder during sessions • focus on your performance • manage your self talk (very important!) • manage and enhance your motivation • sharpen your skills and technique • overcome race day stress
  8. 8. Lack of mental training is the #1 reason for poor performance
  9. 9. *Focus on how your body is performing. *Focus on your posture, your form, your technique. *Flood your brain with positive self-talk and positive mantras. Do NOT allow any negative thoughts to enter your brain. MENTAL TRAINING DURING TRAINING SESSIONS
  10. 10. * Sit in comfortable, quiet setting. * Deep breathing to relax and focus. * Visualise yourself training. * Focus on perfect technique and feeling effortless. MENTAL TRAINING DURING DEDICATED SESSIONS (10 MINUTES A DAY)
  11. 11. • Visualise yourself getting to the race feeling confident. • Standing at the start line in control. • Easy transitions. • Performing the race in control and feeling strong. MENTAL TRAINING FOR RACE DAY
  12. 12. Control and eliminate negative self-talk. 90% of the things we worry about never happen!
  13. 13. “Why did I sign up to this?” “Everyone looks faster than me” “I am feeling sick, tired, cold” “I hate the swim- what if I drown?” “I’ll probably get disqualified” “I hate hills- I’m too fat” and many, many more…. COMMON EXAMPLES OF NEGATIVE SELF-TALK (VERY DESTRUCTIVE)
  14. 14. “I am feeling strong” “I am well prepared” “I can’t wait” “I am so excited” “I love hills” “No matter what happens today I will finish proud of myself.” REPLACE THESE IMMEDIATELY WITH POSITIVE SELF-TALK
  15. 15. You must practice positive self-talk- if you do not consciously train these thoughts, the negative voice in your head will win.
  16. 16. A set of actions and thoughts you do on race morning to focus how amazing and how strong you feel. This needs to be practised you when you need it, you can immediately get “in the zone.” DEVELOP A PRE RACE RITUAL
  17. 17. Power of the mind is limitless. We are only just unlocking its powers. If you do NOT train it to help you, it will destroy your training effectiveness and your race performances.
  18. 18. In your mind you can practice perfect technique with no errors, no fatigue, no poor form. Practice does not make perfect. PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.
  19. 19. Studies comparing participants in a weight lifting program made gains of 30% in strength. A group that JUST visualized weight lifting, made gains of 13% by doing nothing -just thinking about it! Mental focus helps sharpen neural pathways and lead to physical gains.
  20. 20. Add this power of the mind in your weekly schedule - 10 minutes a day And use it to focus more clearly on your body and performance as you are training.
  21. 21. to download FREE e book on exactly how I used these mental training strategies to take 21 minutes off my triathlon race time.