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Traffic course 7 how to generate traffic using article marketing


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Traffic course 7 how to generate traffic using article marketing

  1. 1. Traffic Course #7:How To GenerateTraffic Using ArticleMarketingby imjetred | on November 18, 2012
  2. 2. It isn’t!People, who claim that, have never used articlemarketing the rightway, you see.They have been doing “article directorymarketing”, which is sendinglots of traffic to the article directories, instead ofto their ownsite or blog.So forget about the Google Panda scare.
  3. 3. 1: Write longer articles – aim at 600 – 1200 words.2: Give it your best – fill the article with valuable content.…If you struggle with writing 400 words in an article at this point,you might ask:“How in the world will I ever arrive at 600 words? Or more?”Crazy, right?…You’ll be surprised how easy it is, though, when you start out witha different aim – giving the best quality, you can.…If your goal was to produce articles, which would make your readersclick at the link in your resource box and buy the product, you werepromoting, yes, then it’s hard to write small 400 word articles.…With a different point of view, you’ll be amazed to find yourselfplotting out long, content rich articles in no time.
  4. 4. …To understand the answer, you haveto go back to the basic definitionof an article directory.…Article directories are here – not justto show your article and makemoney themselves through ads – butto be a middleman between writersand ezine owners.…In other words: Your goal with yourarticles should be to get themsyndicated.
  5. 5. …If ONE big list owner picks up yourarticle, you can look forward tothousands of incoming readers.…Believe me, this is much better thanearning a click now and then,directly from the article directory.The really successful article marketersall agree on this one:“The best way to generate trafficusing article marketing is to writewith the sole goal of getting yourarticle picked up and syndicated.”Click here toread more oftrafficgenerationcourses articles.
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