Traffic course 2 how to generate traffic using a blog carnival


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Traffic course 2 how to generate traffic using a blog carnival

  1. 1. Traffic Course #2: HowTo Generate Traffic UsingA Blog Carnivalby imjetred | on November 14, 2012
  2. 2. A very simple, free but effective means of increasingyour blog traffic and creating more backlinks isthrough blog carnivals.• All you have to do to participate in a blogcarnivalis to type in ‘blog carnival’ in a search engineandset up a new account here after confirmingyour emailaddress.
  3. 3. • …Once you have set up an account in a blog carnival,you have to login so that you can browse through allthe carnivals and find one that fits the subject ofthe blog you own.• …There are usually various blog carnivals that caterto your blog subject; you have to find the blogcarnival best suited for your blog as they generatemaximum traffic to your blog.• …Make sure you submit a good quality and originalarticle that you had written to the blog carnivalas the better the post, the higher are the chancesof the host including your URL in the ezine.
  4. 4. • …Try to submit your articles to the blog carnival asearly as possible for a better chance of getting itfeatured in the blog carnival’s publication.• …As different blog carnivals have different dates forupdating their articles, make sure you check this datebefore submitting your post to the blog carnival sothat you know when your can track your blog stats.• …As many bloggers follow blog carnivals every week,they generate traffic and if they find your postinteresting, may visit your blog just by clickingon the link you provide in the blog carnival.
  5. 5. • …If you are one of the active bloggers registered toa blog carnival, you may get chosen to host a blogcarnival on a particular topic and thus get moreexposure for your blog.• …Make sure you follow the rules of the blog carnivalto avoid getting suspended and terminated, and tomaintain a good reputation on the carnival.• Click here to read more of traffic generation coursesarticles.• Good luck and happy blogging!
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