Traffic course 13 how to generate traffic using google ad words


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Traffic course 13 how to generate traffic using google ad words

  1. 1. Traffic Course #13: How toGenerate traffic Using GoogleAdWordsby imjetred | on November 23, 2012
  2. 2. Any webmasters are awaretargeted traffic to their websiteis essential for businessIt will really pay off if they learn how to generate trafficusing Google AdWords.Google Adwords is the most effective means of getting targetedwebsite traffic.Google is the preferred search engine by webmasters and it isbeneficial .Adwords is a pay per click advertising service provided byGoogle, the top search engine with around 200 million searchesdaily.When a certain keyword is typed, suitable links are placed inanother section which provides them great exposure.These are listed as ‘Sponsored Ads’ in search results.You will need to create your account by your language and country.You would not want yon products promoted in countries yourmerchandise can’t be sold.
  3. 3. Continue…Next, you will create your ad by choosing the price, design, andkeywords as well as analyzing the highest price per click.The title is the most essential part of your campaign so makecertain it is catchy and brief.Give a clear description of your website and your services.A clear message will draw in qualified leads which could generatemore sales.It can’t be stressed enough to use the correct keywords andkeyword phrases.You can use the Adwords keyword tool to choose relevant keywords.Applying variations in keywords will help you reach more clients.When you use assorted phrases, misspellings, and derivatives youincrease the chance your ads will be seen.
  4. 4. Continue…You should now determine a budget to gainmaximum exposure.Set a budget that you can afford and thegreatest CPC (Cost PerClick).Adwords will offer a suggested CPC but youare not obligated toaccept it.Your best bet is going for a number twoplacement since sites atnumber one can get unwanted traffic.You have learned how to generate trafficusing Google AdWords.It will help you get traffic but shouldn’t beyour only method.Click here toread more oftrafficgenerationcourses articles.
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