Everything you ever wanted to know about article marketing


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Everything you ever wanted to know about article marketing

  1. 1. Everything You Ever WantedTo Know About ArticleMarketingby imjetred | on February 18, 2013http://www.empowernetwork.com/imjetred/
  2. 2. For success in business, it isnecessary to use strongmarketing techniquesArticle Marketing, part 3For success in business, it is necessary to use strongmarketing techniques. You must seek out the rightknowledge in order to find success.With the paragraphsfollowing this, one willgain the knowledgenecessary to become amaster atmarketing, good luck!
  3. 3. High quality contentEven if your article marketing is focused ongaining backlinks, you should still focus onprovided high quality content. Having superiorcontent will help you get backlinks from yourown postings and new traffic from articlereferrals. You really are achieving the very bestof both worlds.
  4. 4. Targeted audienceYou must choose anaudience and target themwhen doing articlemarketing. When you haveyour audience in mind, youcan make sure you providecontent that will attract andinterest them and keep yourreaders coming back formore.
  5. 5. Reader friendly title…Sometimes the title of your article is as important asthe actual article itself. When titles are poor or boring, readersare unlikely to continue perusing the piece.…Make sure it’s reader friendly and represents yourarticle appropriately. The title can also clearly inform thereader of the subject matter in your article.…Include a question in the title of your articles. Using aquestion gives readers a challenge. When using questions,either through implication or outright, you’ll grab the attentionof readers and cause them to stop and read the entire article.…Be sure it has content that is worth reading.
  6. 6. …Create a copy ofanything you write,whether it is an email ora comment. You canreference these copiesin the future when youneed to create articles.…These things arecalled “Private LabelRights” or PLR. Thesecan be terrificenhancements toarticles.A copy
  7. 7. An ebookCreate an ebook once you have createdseveral articles on the same topic; this is afabulous promotional tool. Give the eBookfor free to readers, as an incentive forsigning up to your email newsletter list.
  8. 8. Interesting and fresh contentWhen writing articles, be sure to offer interestingand fresh content suitable for a variety of readers.No one wants to read obvious copies, and no onewants to read boring, obscure articles.
  9. 9. Interesting, attractive pictures…Look for interesting,attractive pictures, butalways ensure that youhave the right to use thephotos for your purposes.…Hosting photos on yourwebsite allows readers toclick the photo thataccompanies your articleand return to your site.
  10. 10. Much relevant informationInclude as much relevantinformation in your articleas possible. Remember thatreaders desire learningsomething from yourcontent. Have a lot of factswritten into your articles.This will make the readerfinish the article and givethem the feeling that theyspent their time wisely.
  11. 11. Images in your articles…Put images into your articleswhenever you can. Look online forstock images to use in articles at nocost. This will garner immediateinterest in your piece as readers arehooked by the image.…Photographs add visual appeal to anarticle and draw people in, as well assaving you from writing additionalwords to fill an article.
  12. 12. Emotional languageWrite your articles usinglanguage that evokesemotion, so that yourreaders will relate toyou. If you are notemotional in writing,people cannot relate,and they will not cometo your site.
  13. 13. Research…Research, research, research!You must research problems thatcustomers need to be solved.Understanding how you can help,and doing something about it, willmake you invaluable to them.…By putting yourself in thesituation of your customer, youare better equipped meet aspecific need. This makescustomers believe that you trulycare.
  14. 14. Debatable topicsTo entice an audience to yourarticles, write about debatabletopics. The state of the mediatoday is a clear demonstration ofthe effectiveness of controversy.Use heated current events toencourage readers to share yourarticles.
  15. 15. A key topicMake sure that you hone inon a key topic beforewriting. If you only have avague idea of what youwant to write about, yourarticle will not be well-structured. Readers will notbe motivated to read yourpieces, and thereforewriting them becomesfutile.
  16. 16. URL inside the biographysection…Include the URL of your website inside thebiography section of your articles. You may find itbest to throw it into a hyperlink that says somethinglike “come to our page for more!.”…Linking to your site will increase the amount ofpeople who visit your site and encourage thosevisitors to read other articles you’ve written.
  17. 17. Write yourself… Write yourself deep into your article. Adding tidbitsabout your own perspective and personality is a greatway to appeal to audiences. Be honest about thingswhen you write, and allow your style to shine.…Readers appreciate it when business owners takethe time to write high quality articles. They enjoyreading these articles and will return to your siteoften to see if you’ve written anything new.“The Year of Empower” – Born in Austin, Texas.
  18. 18. Current eventsLooking for article inspiration? Search the latest news for stories thatyou could relate to your niche. News aggregators make it easy tokeep track of breaking news and updates related to your niche, whichare sent to straight to your inbox. Using current events in your articlewill assist you in keeping everything current and interested toreaders.Just like the beginning of this article stated, if you wish to besuccessful at article marketing, you must become educated on thetopic. With the tips you have learned you should be able to constructa marketing program that will attract readers and grow yourbusiness.Click here to read moreof article marketingarticles.
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