Common obstacles for self publishing


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Common obstacles for self publishing

  1. 1. Common Obstacles forSelf-Publishing imjetred | on March 4, 2013
  2. 2. If you are determined to becomean author, you should turn toself-publishingSelf Publishing, part 2Book publishing is not an easy activity andbusiness. These days, the number of readerswho invest in books is significantly decliningbecause of the popularity of the Internet.Expect publishers to be stricter in acceptingmanuscripts and books for publishing.It is basically harder to impress publishersthese days. If you are determined to becomean author, you should turn to self-publishing.
  3. 3. Continue…Nobody says self-publishing would be easy. In fact, it could be as hard, if notmuch harder, than traditional book publishing. If you aim to become an authorthrough self-publishing, you are bound to exert more effort. It would take simplymuch more for you to be able to launch your book, sell like hotcakes, andsucceed.But as always, the road to success is not always paved. Most of the time, itcould be full of challenges. There are common obstacles that are often facedby authors who take a shot at self-publishing.
  4. 4. Here are some of those.Gathering enough money to fund the initiative could be exhilarating. Because you arepublishing your own work, no other entity or people would be able to subsidize you orshoulder the costs for you. It is important that you have much money in the back priorto such an endeavor.Also, do not spend all you have in self-publishing your own book. You could never besure whether you would be able to gain back or get returns for your investment. Itwould not be wise to make loans just to fund your book. The financials is always thetop challenge that bothers self-publishers.The second obstacle is the stigma about self-published books being amateurish. Youcould not blame critics for generalizing. Most of the time, self-published materials areof inferior quality.This could be because of the fact that the content did not pass through the scrutiny ofeditors and publishers, who set very high standards for book publishing. Third-partyscrutiny and criticism could really help bolster the quality and appeal of books.
  5. 5. There are obstacles of promotionand marketing.Your book should be treated as a usual product, which should be targeted to specific audience orreaders. How could people learn about your book if you would not make a fuss about it?As always you have to establish and raise awareness about your book. Doing so could just bedifficult because you obviously and logically would need money. When putting up bookpublicity, you have to develop lists of book reviewers and editors who would make issues andcritics about your content. They do not do services for free, whether they would say constructiveor destructive opinions.Minor obstacles could accumulate to provide greater problems. Bookstores are usually notdealing with small publishing firms, so how could you expect them to deal with independentpublishers like you? Such stores only trust in dealing with major publishers, wholesalers, anddistributors.Then there is a gush of intense or extreme competition. There are just too many authors like youwho are aiming to mark big in the market. An influx of self-published books could make yoursjust among the crowd.If you have the determination, theconfidence, and the drive, you could proceedto self-publishing. Do not let such obstaclesprevent you from doing so. But moreover, bepractical and realistic.Click here toread more ofself-publishingarticles.
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