Changing to better 6 tips for keeping new year’s resolutions


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Changing to better 6 tips for keeping new year’s resolutions

  1. 1. imjetred | on January 3, 2013
  2. 2. An article I found and would like to share with you.Here is an article talking aboutNew Year’s resolution and I thinkyou will be interested if you want2013 to be your better year, oreven your turning point if you arenot happy with where you were in2012.However, only making aresolution will take younowhere. You need totake massive action toget new results.After all, if nothingchanged, then nothingchanged.You can’t expect to see different results will occur to you if you do the same thing allthe time. Do you actually honor your pledges? Are you one of those 92% ofAmericans who don’t?
  3. 3. •Start small: do not ask too much of yourself too soon, and start with reasonableexpectation. You need time to change your habitats gradually and adjust to new life styleso you won’t get frustrated and give up in a very short time.•Plot your path and be specific: you need a detailed step-by-step plan to follow in orderto carry on your resolutions, so you won’t get confused and lost in the middle of youraction.•Go public: get the word out regarding your resolution as your commitment to success.Telling family and friends will encourage you to stay on track and give you a supportsystem to help you achieve your goals. With their reminding, you will continue with yourplan for much longer.•Don’t expect perfection: any change to get your life better is an improvement, even ifthe outcome is not completely what you expect it to be. You need to be realistic andkeep going. You don’t need perfection to improve your life.•Reward success: Creating incentives for success can help keep you focused. Theseincentives can provide you some fun to your resolutions so you will carry on for muchlonger.•You’ve got this: you don’t want to be a loser. If other people have successfully realizedthe same or similar goal, why can’t you? The feeling of being “the same as or betterthan” others can keep you going much further.
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